Medical No GP, help


I’m interested in joining the TA but have a problem of not being registered with a doctor, here’s a quick outline why.

Joined RN in 1990, thus coming off my a local GP register (they closed down a number of years later)
Left the RN in 1995 and went backpacking for a few years and never re-registered with a GP.

Will this cause me a major headache as it appears from the posts on here that a large part of the medical joining procedure is related to a GP filling out a RG8 form.

Thanks in advance.
I would just quickly register with a GP now and they will do the report - nothing to worry about. Even if you had registered with a GP you still haven't seen one in over ten years!
I had to fill out my own medical form. My GP has no idea about the TA.
The only drama you may have is that the TA will require proof that you have had various vaccinations. If you can't suplpy said proof you may have to register with a Gp and have all the jabs again. On the other hand the med centre at Chilwell may be able to do them for you (they didn't offer this to me, i had to run around and get them all sorted again which took ages - i later found out that they could have done it for me in one visit but hey, thats the Army for you).
You fill in your own RG8 and there is a box to tick to show not registered with a GP. You only really need a GP to refer them to IF there is a reason to do so. As to previous vaccinations, you are ex-Forces and they will be able to access your med records, from your time in the Forces, to support previous vaccinations given when you joined.

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