Medical Negligence Question


Not sure if this is the right place to ask about this but here goes.

I have an illness (Menieres Disease) that was diagnosed in 2002 which ultimately led to my MD in Nov 08 (I now have an attributable War Pension). I first started going sick with the illness in 1998 and it's documented in my FMed 4, being a canny guy I copied it all before I left! In 2001 my symptoms got worse and I was finally referred to a specialist in Aldershot. A year after that I was officially diagnosed with my illness. I then spent the next 3 years being treated at Aldershot with tablets and time off work. In 2004 whilst serving in London I was referred to one of the top civilian specialists of the illness who told me straight away that I needed to have an operation and couldn't understand why this had not been done before. I then had several ops and lots of hospital visits over the years but nothing has ever worked 100%.

Since my discharge in Nov 08 I have been unable to hold a job down for any prolonged period of time due to the illness. I have also since had 2 more operations my discharge but these have been without any real lasting success. Now waiting to be referred to hospital again for a follow up (priority treatment on the NHS is a joke and means nothing).

The reason I'm asking about this now is that my current doctor said to me that it was highly unusual that someone who was suffering from such acute symptoms should have to wait almost 3 years before anything was done. The medication should have been stopped after 6 months if there were no positive signs and other treatments explored (surgery). He also said that the delay in this treatment would have been a considerable factor in my illness getting worse.

I'd just like to know if I could pursue a negligence claim for my delay in medical treatment after all these years. I couldn't make a claim when I was in as I was on AFPS 75 and it's now coming up to my third year out. I realise I'd have to get a solicitor if I did take it further but would like some advice before going any further.

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