medical negligence help wanted ....solicitor needed

hi all im looking to try and find a solicitor that will help me with my medical discharge claim here.. i have already contacted the legion, forces pension society, ssafa etc but i want a solicitor on board as well. my case is very complicated and all agencies i have spoke to said i need a solicitor on board so could anyone recommend any good ones preferably in scotland .. or as close too it.. forces law has a few but they onl deal with compensation claims not to actually sue the army for meical incompetence etc thank in advance or if anyone has any ideas onhow i can deal with this please get in touch also
brilliant guys thankyou very much.. how long did your process take Escotia ???? sorry to keep hitting you with questions .. would like to have a chat with ya sometime just for a heads up if thats ok


My case against the MoD took just over 2 years but 1 year of that was at the request of the MoD legal team because they were busy with a multitude of other cases. During the process my legal team would send me to a specialist (orthopaedics, vascular etc) so a report could get written so theirs sent me to a different one for a counter report; I ended up going for about 8 examinations overall. I also had to be visited by an employment specialist from both sides to see what my views on working after leaving the army fit were, what they were as I'd been medically discharged and what my prospects of actually being employed were.

I was called to a case conference in Edinburgh to meet the Advocate that was going to represent me. We talked the case through, discussed what my options were, what my intentions were. Shortly after this was when the MoD asked for the delay to which I agreed.

The second case conference was again held in Edinburgh. This was called about a week before the case was due in the High Court and was to discuss our position and attempt to settle the case without going to Court (saves money and is something they are legally obliged to do). At this one me and my legal team were downstairs, the MoDs team were upstairs and the Advocates would leave the groups to discuss the case and the amount required to settle. Eventually the MoD team had to postpone the meeting as I refused to accept their final offer after four attempts and they needed higher authority to agree to go above the figure they eventually finished on. They got the authority after the meeting broke up and I gave my Advocate the figure I had in mind and they agreed it.

I'd done a heck of a lot of research on my injury and the AFCS so I had an idea in my mind as to where the injury sat in the AFCS tariff tables (although now the SPVA disagree) so that is where I pitched my figure. Of course once the costs were deducted I'd settled for 3/4 of the tariff figure but without my legal team I wouldn't have had anything at all and with the amount of work they did and the cost of the specialist reports, I came to the conclusion that they'd earned their money!
thanks for that Escotia .. your cas is nearly identical to mine so your info for me is excellent .. much appreciated and i will use the solicitor you said to me cheers again
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