medical muck up

received a phone call today to say there had been a problem with my medical form! letter was sent to my doctor, 3 weeks ago and the lazy fcuker still hasnt bothered sorting it!
anyway, about 3 1/2 years back i visited my doctor on advice on some hand cream for cracked skin (a flavouring i was using for fishing was getting on with me) and he reccomended a certain one,,,without a diagnosis, as i had nothing other than a bit of cracked skin!
hes now filled my medical out saying i suffer from echzma! iv never had eczma let alone suffered with it! so not best pleased!
i remember a lad a couple of weeks ago saying he did suffer with it and they sent him to a specialist? can anyone confirm this or will this have a negative affect on my application?
sorry for the essay.
thanks in advance.
I wouldn't think it would have any effect on your application, as its over 3 years ago.

I have a bit of dry skin across my knuckles from the washing up liquid at work, and my GP (i was there when she filled it out) put 'occupational dryness across knuckles, clears up after a few days'.

Go to your GP, tell him what you think of him, and see if you can take another med questionnaire with you, and have him fill it out there with you. That way you can be sure what goes onto it.

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