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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by History_Man, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. I have just got off the phone having had a conversation with the Practice Manager at my parent HQ; in a nutshell, the issue is this - I am P7 MND because the time I was graded I was suffering from a serious medical condition. I have since fully recovered and in line with a DIN published last year am now able to be considered for medical upgrading. I have all the Consultants letters recommennding that I be upgraded but I am unable to find a gateway into the medical system. Apparently, TA personnel no longer fall under the care of the medical centre on the camp to which they are posted/assigned, but I have no access to another RMO because my assignment order is to fill a TA PID at a Regular Bde HQ. The OH specialists at RTMC are supposedly responsible but will only consider this process if I report for mobilisation, but APC Glasgow will only put my name forward to the No. 5 Board if I am medically upgraded first. Talk about Catch 22. And I thought that there was still a requirement for willing TA volunteers to mobilise. Of course, I could just sit back and say 'bollocks to it' because I can't be PAP 10'd and I am in a UK Ops post anyway with no immediate liability to deploy to a theatre overseas. Hell, I could even get promoted, but this doesn't sit easily with me. Can anyone on ARRSE give any sensible advice please?
  2. The thing that immediately springs to mind:

    When did you last have an Army Medical?
  3. IIRC 02/11/09, when I was regraded from P2 FE to P7 MND.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    If your medical status is not causing any issues, can you not just wait for your next medical?
  5. You need to have another Medical for the MO to look at changing your Med Status. Can't be done otherwise.
  6. Computer says NO!

    Your TA, not done an operational tour (or not when the current computer system was in place) and the army primary health care service isn't funded to treat TA. Therefore your not on the computer system

    Probably need to go through your parent unit
  7. My parent unit is a Regular Bde HQ. I am assigned to a TA PID within it. But the system seems incapable of acknowledging this fact. My last PULHEEMS was on 02/12/09. Apparently, you do not get age-related medicals anymore. You couldn't make it up...
  8. I suggest arranging an appointment with the SMO of a regular unit who is TA friendly, I was upgraded from P3 to P2 in 15mins , obviously I was on the army medical computer system so he could make a professional judgment . But he did say to me that he was fed up with TA soldiers being treated as Second class citizens by the army, i explained that I don't have a Med centre to report to and organised the appointment of my own back without the army's help due to being a TA soldier. He then said I could treat his Med centre as if I was based there. Happy days nice bloke as well .
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  9. Medical appointments for TA personnel are arranged through Comd Med. If you need further help or clarification with this drop me a PM as I do this for my Tri-Service Group Reserves.