Medical letters are now being typed in India!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Winchester Hospital letters are now being typed in India!.

    The Royal Hampshire County Hospital has started a one-month trial in the ear, nose & throat department.

    Letters and doctors notes are dictated digitally, sent to India to be typed and returned electronically. The NHS trust that runs the Hospital recently announced it was cutting 320 jobs to reduce a deficit.

    One Hospital secretary said there was a potential for major mistakes.

    With medical terminology, just getting one vowel wrong can make all the difference. For example, hypothyroid & hyperthyroid!.
  2. You think they'd be clever and cut the cost of international calls and send them to Brick Lane
  3. MM

    There are 2 reasons why these letters are going to India. First because it’s cheaper secondly because the letters are being typed by graduates many of who speak better English than the average Brit, they have excellent IT skills and they can spell without the aid of the spellchecker. They are more likely to understand the difference between hyper and hypothyroidism than your average comprehensive school Essex or Hampshire girl. Finally all medical correspondence typed up by secretaries, typists etc must be checked by the doctor who dictated it. Not to do so is poor practice.
  4. Send them to Birmingham to be typed... "Hey Carrott !! There's no cowing Bovril!"
  5. My dear old mum was born and bred in Brick lane back yonder. Way before the days of our colonial cousins who now live there. Metion the word " Bangla Town" to her as it is now called, she hits the roof with a volley of not so nice words for them!!!.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. It was in the Southampton Daily Echo yesterday.
  8. Is this news? I was under the impression that this had been happening for years. A mate of mine seems to think it's a massive improvement and he is getting his notes back much quicker and generally correct first time. He did say that it wasn't uncommon to send them back 4 or 5 times prior to this system and that a lot of Doctors just gave up and did it themselves.
  9. You must be joking!!!

    Unfortunately a big part of my job is to deal with IT technical support technicians in India who are meant to be looking after the UK.

    As IT technicians I expect them to at least to have the same ability as me.
    As they support the UK I expect them to understand and speak English.

    Do they fek!!!

    I regularly have to tell them how to spell simple words like “London”, “yard”, and “Oliver”.
    I can’t understand most of their accents and they can’t understand me.
    Most of them struggle to understand how a computer works without following a flowchart telling them what to do and incompetent is a word I regularly use when speaking to the management over there.

    Outsourcing to India is the biggest mistake a business can possibly make.
  10. What about the people who are now out of a job?

    I also don't care if they are graduates. You can't tell me they speak good English either. If i get one more phone-call mispronouncing my name, at a really inconvenient time and the caller not understanding the words " I can't speak to you right now" before they launch into their blog about why they are ringing you.... I will scream.

    Why send letters all the way to India when there are plenty of people who can spell and type in this country? Another nail in the NATIONAL Health Service's coffin.
  11. Interesting MM - my father lived in Jamaica Street until last year when he moved to Southend.
  12. A Stepney man ehh, I originally from up the road in Bethnal Green!.
  13. I wish it was that simple MM.

    He p!ssed off when I was 13 and shacked up with some bint who had a terrible attitude to the colonials in Cartwright Street - behind the Mint. When the buildings in Jamaica St went up he had one of the flats there. He originally came from Sussex and never took much interest in what I was doing before he went, let alone after.

    The only time he showed any concern in what I was doing was when I turned up in my No2's and he opened the door and said "Oh my Christ - what have you been and done?"
  14. Rayc

    Rayc RIP


    I am from India and I beg to differ. I dare say that the English we speak and write is a shade better than quite a few.

    To be frank, and to be very honest, we do find it difficult to understand the Eliza Doolittles, who use our facilities from abroad.

    On the other hand, we have no problem understanding the Queen's Christmas Address on the BBC.


    But then where will the British govt scrounge the money from that is required to support the womb to the tomb philosophy of life that you all have got used to?

    One must remember that what you lose on the roundabout, you make up on the swings!
  15. Unfortunately, Rayc, the person who rings up their bank/gas/phone/electrical supplier isn't always going to speak RP English.

    Why should they change their accent to get a service they're already paying for?

    So you're saying that having more people unemployed creates govt revenue?