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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HeavyHorse, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. I would be interested to hear what medical kits are typically being issued/carried by teeth arms on the ground in Iraq...

    Many years ago, individually you were lucky to get issued a FFD and morphine..the company first aid satchel was a joke considering who many casulaties it could have been called on to treat.

    I've seen the medics pouch that replaces one of the pockets on the issue bergan, but I am not sure on what scale this is issued orwhat it contains...

    I've also seen the small folding medics pouch that goes on your webbing, but again I've no idea whether they are isued indvidually or to the company medics

    thanks inadvance,

    Heavy Horse
  2. Ey up, When we deployed to both Iraq and Afghan, each section was issued two of the folding webbing pouch style med kits with basic first aid stuff in there. We always upgraded these with trauma kit such as giving sets etc. We also took as much fluids for drips as we could A. muster and B. carry.

    Our Coy medic had a crash bag, similar to the size of a small bergan with more specialised items in it.

    In my recent experiance we should never forget the importance of the age old FFD. They are worth there wieght in gold and vital on the front line. Many of our medics have taken to using bandoliers to carry 4-5 so they are easily accessible.
  3. r8chuckyegg,

    Thanks for is the average Tom now trained to use a giving set and is it a relatively easy procedure? Or do sections now have people with a bit more advanced first aid training???


  4. Only a couple of dedicated Marines undergo a more advanced FA course inc. giving sets etc. But all our Marines get an intro into giving sets including the chance to practice prior to Ops.
  5. The trend now is for 'team medics' to be trained, so one bloke per fire team. I don't know if they cover cannulation on that course. It's not a tricky procedure, provided you have enough practice with putting in cannulae. Otherwise you wont be able to do it when you need to, same with everything.
  6. Just completed the new team medic course today. 1 in every 4 blokes to be trained, the little fold down medic pouch for the webbing and everyone to be issued a new toruque and the new style FFD. The pouch also contains new triage cards, asherman chest seal and Hemcon the new all singing non burning quickclott.

    The thinking behind giving fluids has changed now and it is no longer the done thing, due to it flushing out the clotting agents contained within the blood. A bolus of 250mls is given if the blood pressure get to low but this is done by a grown up medic. Good course loads of hands on and to easy to remeber simple but effective techniques.
  7. Interesting post there mate. Can I ask what the treatment system you're taught on the course is? Do they still use ABC or has it moved over to MARCH? Just curious.
  8. Hey bud's, did my team medics course back in May last year, and lost the little book with all the part numbers for the kit.

    Do you have the NSN's of the kit, so i can order some throught the system
  9. Its now changed to C ABC, the first C being catrosaphic bleed then abc as per normal. Basically, stop any arterial bleeds first using tournque or Hemcon then move onto ABC. This change has come into effect as it was found we were losing blokes with bleeds that could have been stopped.

    Covered CPR as well which has changed slightly so good for guys to update on that. According to the guys teaching the course it wont be replacing the old team medic course until mid march, but they delivered it to us as test dumies.

    A good course of purely battlefield first aid and with a few tweaks coming to an OPTAG near you soon!
  10. I sorted out 3 paras patrols platoon medical kit prior to their deploying to afghanistan. They had done the training with the CAT tourniquet, QC, Hemcon etc, then where told that the kit was to expensive to so wouldnt be issued (or when they got to afghanistan).
    This is the base kit on issue today but is upgraded for team medics etc with NP & OP airways, IV kit etc.
    The NEW QC is the ACS (Advanced clotting sponge), this is the old QC powder inside two gauze pads.
  11. Let me know what the kit is and i will sort out the NSN from the AMS supply disk.
  12. Good luck! CAT's, QC and haemcon are like rocking horse sh1t over here. Another good piece of kit if you are qualified to use it is the FAST1 sternal IO kit, easy as anything to get access even if they're in periferal shut-down. Not sure if there is a nsn for it yet, but IRT on herrick have managed to get them.