Medical Issues

First may I apoligise in advance for posting this on an army site (im applying for the RAF haha) but I didn't know where else to look and I would have thought the medical requirements would be similar.

The situation is I applied and passed everything untill I did my medical. I admitted to a history of heart problems however it wasn't serious and I was declared all clear. They sent off for a GP report and 3 months later I finally got a phonecall. Anyway they said the heart issue is not a problem BUT they found on my medical records that I have a history of depression. Anyway he asked for my side of things and I basically explained it was a silly teenage phase during my exams and I over exaggerated a lot of it (as teenagers so often do) I was on medication for a short time although nothing heavy and now im 21 it has been a long time since I have ever had any problems or been given any form of medication. I was 15/16 at the time so it has been a while. Anyway I explained I know what im letting myself in for as I lived on base with my dad for 10 years etc etc.

So he said he has to refer my case to the wing commander who will have the final say and he is not sure what will happen as they treat depression very cautiously.

The RAF is all I have wanted to do since I was a kid and can't see my dreams shattered by a silly teenage phase especially now I am physically and mentally extremely fit.

What should I do if the wing commander rejects my application? Could really use some quality advice here!

Once again sorry if I am looking in the wrong place and sorry for the long post haha

-edit- Might be worth mentioning that the bloke I spoke to said he would write a letter to the wing commander along with my report and he would write it sympathetically and he also said he would mention I am very determinned. I don't know if that will make any difference though -edit-
yeah i had a similar teenage thing, exams and gf things and my GP said i was depressed, Blown way out of proportion and was deffered form the army for 3 years but as it was nowt serious and no reoccuring affects when i applied again after 3years it was all sweet, and i am starting in a couple weeks

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