Medical issue during application process

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by onemarianas, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi. I'm trying to join the Int Corps and first applied last December. Earlier that month I bruised my foot playing football and to be on the safe side (making sure it wasn't anything besides a bruise) I asked the doctor about it. She said it's all fine and that I just shouldn't run on it for a week. I forgot all about it until my application was deferred due to "foot pain" as a result of having this on my record.

    Frustrated, after a failed appeal I followed the 3 month load carriage/distance running exercise regime they set me and kept a diary as instructed.

    After the 3 months I reapplied and sent the diary off to the medical centre. As soon as they received it they straight up rejected my application. I don't understand why this happened as I followed everything to the letter and its very irritating as I only went to the doctors to make an effort to look after myself as I knew I had to keep myself in decent shape for army selection.

    Has anyone had a similar experience and what on Earth can I do? I have no idea who to talk to as my recruiter in AFCO just sends emails that aren't replied to and the army haven't sent me any explanation as to why this is happening.

    I don't want my whole potential career ruined by a precautionary trip to the GP over a bruise!
  2. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    I have had friends with similar experience, the best bet it to keep sending Updates/ Appealing letters to Litchfield DMS or ring the Capita guys on a 01980 number, and if you can get into contact with the Capita Medical Department because basically your case would have been reviewed infront of a Medical Appealing Review board and this is where the decision is made, some Medical Officer and his team review you case and make a decision based upon the details you provide.

    So the more details you provide the better chance you have of winning the appeal. But what you should have had was a letter that came thought the post when you found out that you were deffered or in your case rejected, but there should have been on that letter a bit of information there for if you was to re-submit the case, this is because they offer the chance to you to re-appeal again if you don't feel you were given a fair trial/ review or final decision.

    If you PM me i can give you information and numbers, though the Capita guys are very busy and have a lot to deal with so in this case you really have to keep on top of them, this sounds silly but as a Civilian Organisation though managed by a Military Panel they slack sometimes and are already much behind and have a large backlog of files and processing of applications they are currently dealing with (BAD DRILLS), but yes this is your best bet for this, as you may have found out before they will help you.

    A precautionary trip to the GP also may be your best bet as well because from my experience of friends being is the same situation, if you can go over your progress and medical situation at the minute you can get him to write a letter of his opinion and then he can submit some of the data and his professional opinion for the situation. This then is coming exactly from the horses mouth and the Officer than reviewing the NEW medical appeal will then re consider as he would be against a similar experienced opinion.

    Though my friend, this may seem a dream career but if you foot is really bad enough to be deferred then this may only be the way it will be. But obviously if there isn't any more pain or dis-ruptures from it at this moment in time and you feel its good as normal then you shouldn't have any worries or trouble re-appealing. Also get a personal statement which you will have to write YOURSELVE, do this because you can put exactly how you feel of the situation and also include evidence or opinions of why you think you should be accepted into the British Armed Forces.

    And after you have written your own statement, i would personally include a Family statement from a close relative of there opinion of why they think you are able, fit and well enough to also be accepted into the British Armed Forces. So once you have your own statement, a close relative and a Doctors statement get your doctor to review all this and they should be able to help you on your way. Also a word of advice, at your surgery there should be a doctor who is solemnly qualified or experienced to deal with Military medical reports and statements, as most surgerys do, make sure you ask for the Military experienced Doctor as this will also help you.

    For address's which your Doctor should have or the AFCO office will have PM me if you have any trouble with details or numbers, and finally don't go near your AFCO office at this moment in time one because they can't do anything with your Medical what so ever! It is solemnly down to you and the DMS Litchfield for example.

    So if you follow my advice (which personally is a good idea) you should be looking positive for the Appealing process! Any questions just PM me! Good luck!
  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    I have responded to this on the other thread that you have posted it on.
  4. Hi all.

    I was wondering if anyone one could shed a bit of light on a problem I have? It's a bit of a tough one.

    Basically after I came back from Afghanistan in 2008 I started to have problems with anxiety and depression and was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder I received treatment from the Army and made a full recovery and did not get medically discharged.

    I decided to leave the Army in 2012 (biggest mistake I have ever made) I have recently tried to re-join but got rejected on medical grounds. Counting the fact since receiving treatment I have been perfectly fine no issues what so ever.

    Is the Army right to reject me just like that or do you think I would have grounds for an appeal?

    What has baffled me is I would still be in the Army now if I had never of signed off!

    Any advice or help Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  5. Just out of interest, aren't you in the process of joining yourself?
  6. What's this nonsense? Are you on crack you dribbling spastic?
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