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I have my RCB briefing tomorrow and at the end of it i am requires to attend a medical interview for a problem I had when I was 5 (20 years ago) and until now hasn't come up....ever, so this is the first time since I can remember since I have actually thought about it . They have asked me bring along any relevant documentation.

I have a very little documentation as such apart from a few x-rays. The x-rays however tell a story and I wanted to know if anyone thinks it best that I keep this story to myself or I actually take them a long?

I hope you can understand what I'm trying to get at.

Any suggestions welcome.

Well that's a fairly intriguing post! The Army will eventually find out whatever these X Rays tell because it will be in your medical records from way back. I had a spinal injury from rugby when I was 11 plus a bit of trouble with my legs when I was really really young (infact I knew nothing about it) but they were brought up as part of the Army Medical.

They checked them out and despite being very thorough said it'd be fine to carry on to RMAS. It's best not to lie about these things because they have a habit of turning up anyway.

My advice would be to take it along and argue strongly that whatever it is (and I'm quite interested now...) will not and does not affect you in any way. Just make sure you are capable of sustained physical effort carrying heavy loads, if you are then you should be fine IMHO.


What you need to remember is that they aren't looking for an excuse to prevent your application, they're trying to decide if you will be capable of getting through training and doing the job properly. It's better for everyone that you aren't put in a position where you might face serious physical damage so I would recommend you take your x-rays to the interview and be entirely honest about what happened and how it affects you; and if it doesn't affect you, then make that point strongly as well.
I don't know what your underlying condition is, but I just had my medical yesterday and came completely clean about everything that has ever gone wrong in my medical past. They were (I suspect) reassured, I got brownie points for being open and honest, and I got through even though I am not a "perfect specimen".

I decided that if they dodn't want me, it is probably for a good reason, so I let it all hang out!

That was for the TA RAMC though, and everyone here tells me the TA will let anyone in, as long as they have a pulse. Or unless they have asthma. Apparently.


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Cheers for all your suggestions guys. My good side got the better of me and I took everything along. Passed the medical but have to have another check up at my main board.

Thanks guys
Congrats AFHP!!!

I was in the same boat at my briefing. I was asked to forward my medical notes so that the doc could examine them in relation to a knee injury I sustained when i was considerably younger!

Thankfully my injury was to the PCL, rather than the ACL which seems to be a bit of a no-no in terms of passing the medical.

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