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Dear all,

Apologies for essentially a double-post, but this question has been languishing in the 'Joining up - medical' thread, and is now rather buried, so I thought I'd seek an answer here.

I am currently in the early stages of applying to join, and am worried about one aspect of the medical requirements. My left elbow hyperextends; an osteopath who is knowledgeable in such matters told me that it is around a 15 degree hyperflexion; reading the medical requirements, it seems that anything over 10 degrees counts you out. Now, there is no indication of generalised ligamentous laxity - all other joints are entirely normal.

So, my question is two-fold. Firstly, I expect this would get picked up during an entry medical, and result in me being dumped? Secondly, does anybody know if this has ever been successfully appealed? The medical notes state that the generalised condition is a cause for concern, and that the 10 degree cut off is fairly arbitrary.

I ask as there's no point in wasting recruiters / regiments / corps time if it's clear that there's no possible route through the medical.

Many thanks in advance,


Please ignore - I now have the answer from official channels. The result is that I will be Beighton scored, with anything over 3 being a bar to entry. This means I should be OK (phew!).
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