MEDICAL- How many ex Chieftain crew have developed

Discussion in 'RAC' started by T31B, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. I am interested in how many ex Chieftain crew have gone on to develop Bladder or Testicular Cancer. The civilian motor trade has paid out hundreds of thousands in out of court settlements because of mineral oil contamination. (Mineral oil is a known carcinogen, has been since the 50's).
    I may be the only one, but i doubt it! anyone else out there?
  2. Ber* Hamm*nd, as well when we were in Hemer, got diagnosed on FTX & whisked straight back to UK. Fully fit now, I think, but it stuffed him on promotion boards, why :?
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    We has an RMO in 15/19H in the late 70s - early 80s used to go off on one if we wore baggy green skin with only shreddies underneath because of the added protection another layer of green denim gave to the nads.

    And when he caught a mate of mine wiping his oily hands clean on the only clean piece of denim (over his stots) after some particularly messy engine work, he gave him a right mouthful - if you'll pardon my expression.

    I guess this thread gives me a valid excuse to sit in the office and grope me nads.
  4. So, no change there then.
  5. This is a new one on me. It couldn't just be us Chieftain men who'd be affected? Surely everyone who worked in the same filthy conditions, since the day tanks first appeared, would have been potential victims yet I've never heard of it?
  6. Surely it would have been not only RAC but a REME health problem, and the only thing ive heard was people getting skin rashes, but never anything about Cancer or the dangers of contracting it, my mate works in a civvy garage and he has never heard of this, certainly not about any pay outs???
  7. On all my D&M courses, Ch, CR & CR2 we were warned of the carcinogenic properties of mineral oil, I still check my balls regularly :)
  8. In the early 90's as an A mech I got quite a lot of warts on my fingers, this was put down to working on Chieftain by the SMO. Saying that the same SMO gave me brufen and tubigrip for a broken ankle aswell.
  9. Warts I can understand, rashes, scabies, impetigo, all the usual stuff. I just haven't heard of a cancer risk before.
  10. do a google search for "mineral oils carcinogenic" that will give you all the info. Or those still serving ask for the safety data sheets for your oils.
  11. I sometimes get a map of Africa in my jeans. Where do I sign for some money?
  12. I recall getting issued a couple of extra pairs of black covies in the eighties; we were told that it was to allow us to wear clean ones every day. The danger of testicular cancer from wearing oily gear was stated as the reason. Seemingly gravity carries the nasties to the sac area.
  13. If it was gravity, surely it would be the toes not your sac, and as testicular cancer is so high, in people generally who have no contact with motor oils, how can it be proved that oil has caused it???

    Not knocking it, but would like to see more details about this
  14. If you kept putting new covvies on every day you wouldn't have been able to move your arms by Friday.

    Our answer was simpler. Wash, and wash your covvies. Everyone had four pairs. If you washed them all on Saturday there was no excuse for having dirty ones the next week.
  15. Or nick someone elses :)