Medical....How annoying are they!?!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FRjunkie, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Im gutted, my application has been deferred for 3 months due to history of "back pain" (utter rubbish, i have asked to appeal)....they said they are looking forward to my re application in 3 months will i go about it? will the army contact me again after 3 months? or do i have to contact them again once me 3 months is up? how does it work?
    Please help,
    Many Thanks

  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The answer is in the bit above.
  3. will the army contact me again after 3 months? or do i have to contact them again once me 3 months is up? how does it work?
  4. I got Deffered Last July, 3 months fitness diary and a letter from my doctor all because i broke my toe the year before (fair enough). You have to be proactive follow the advice and requirements on the letter to the T be positive about it when you talk to your office and dont look at it as a dissapointment but a challenge to overcome. Now It will take longer than 3 months for it all to be sorted because once that 3 month period is over you will have to re submit your medical app. Now because of doctors and doctors office receptionists egneral attitiude it took over 2 months to get an x-ray and the results from them regarding my toe (probably because they ain't getting paid this time) I had sent my documents back on the 22nd of January and i'm still waiting on a responce from Pirbright.

    Rough guide is

    Letter of Defferal recieved
    Discuss with Recruiter
    Do whatever is required on your defferal letter
    Once 3 months is over hand over the required documents
    Wait again for your medical app to be processed again.

    It's up to you to be proactive in those 3 months your AFCO are waiting on you to do something they ain't going to ring you up on the day of the end of defferal and beg you to come back in.
  5. what it says on your letter seek GP/Consultant advice and get them to contact the SMO at the ADSC if they think informations inaquerate and keep a record of your fitness your doing...........if it says complete a 3 month fitness diary do so but I would keep a record of everything you do anyway.

    Remember its all in medical confidence so your Recruiter cannot get involved.
  6. Argh, How annoying...I told my recruiter what the problem was....I also asked my GP to give me a thorough back examination, which he has just done and he said there is nothing wrong with me!, but insists on me doing the 3 month exercise program! Man this is annoying. My whole grip is that I never had back pain....!

    In the last week February/first week March 2009 (which is the duration of work it took to work building and striking the Brit Awards set/lighting/sound. I walked under some suspended truss and came up too soon, hitting my back on the truss. The Director of Operations saw this, hence the reason I put this down on record about visiting my GP in as I was advised to go to see a Doctor by the Director of Operations at my former place of work in London so that my former place of work were covered for legal reasons if anything did happen to my back, which, I must stress didn't happen.

    The whole thing has been blow out of proportion and they won't hear my appeal without any medical evidence to support otherwise.....
  7. Stupid posts, especially when there are stickies full of annoying are they!?!
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