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hi, just passed my barb test today, now have to start filling out the medical form, from january 07 to may 07 i was depressed and was having suicidal thoughts, images of death, went to my gp and was refered to a mental health nurse. I saw the nurse and after speaking to him he said that it was his professional opinion that the reason i was depressed was because i was bored. So in july i decided to join the army as i had always wanted to and i am now worried that i may not be able to join. thanks for the help.
this is only an educated guess my friend.

Not too sure on this one, if you've never had any pills for it thats one good point in your favour, then again if your GP referred you to a mental health nurse thats another bad point.

could be 1/2 really, definitely give it a go and see what happens.

If i were you wait for somebody to reply who knows alot about this subject

I think there has to be a ceartian amount of time you have to be clear off depression and anxiety. There is alot of topics on this in health and fitness forum. The only way to know for ceartian though is to join up.


Best bit of advice is to talk to your recruiter.
If your cured of depression why not get your GP/nurse to back it up with a letter saying your okay now.(put it in with your medicals)

(This is just a suggestion)
thanks for the help, best 2 b positive the only way i will find out is to send the medical, im going to my gp today so ill do my best to get her to back it up, thanks 4 the help
I just got deffered until next september for depression i had last year you have to be clear of symptoms/treatment for 2 years is what i was told and my doctor even put in a letter saying that i was at no greater risk than the rest of the population of this returning.

Just advice from my experience is all but as each person is different i wouldn't let it put you off i wasn't gonna apply for a while but the people on here made my mind up that i should just go for it as i will never know if i don't try and if i want it that badly it doesn't matter how long i get deffered i will just wait and go back. Good thing is in my case my last treatment/symptom was last september so only have to wait until next september.
the thing is im not sure whether i was diagnosed as actually having depression, wish i never went to the doctor now :evil: sorry to hear that you have to wait long, but theres only one way to find out if i can join and thats sending the form off

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