Medical History - Will I be Barred?

Hi this is my first post so be gentle! I was looking for some realistic advice with regards to the army officer recruitment medical. I had a quick look at the medical questionnaire you need to fill out. For a period of 6 weeks starting in October this year I suffered from work related stress which caused anxiety and insomnia which I visited my G.P about. I was prescribed some medication for this, however its no longer an issue. I'm due to go for my initial interview next week and I'm now seriously concerned that I will be barred from joining due to this. My medical history is excellent appart from this blip. Can anyone advise on the likely outcome??????
So you are under 26 years old, you've suffered from work related stress and you think you have the mental stamina to be an Officer in the British Army!

What job were you doing that you think would be more stressful than being an Officer? Were you directly responsible for the lives of 34 men?

I think it's a self answering question.
Whilst I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to reply your comment seems rather derogatory in tone given the fact you know nothing of my personal or work circumstances which lead to the anxiety. As much as I would like to expand on the circumstances leading up to me going to my G.P it would clearly not be appropriate on a public forum. I was merely looking for some guidance on the likehood of a refusal at the recruitment medical stage.
Dear Gizmo,

You say that Flying Felix's assessment is "derogatory", but you yourself maintain that your suffered from "work relate stress". Do you see some sort of connection between what you've experienced up to now (work-wise) and what will be demanded of you as a army officer? Take your time, son.

1) Ask your AFCO

2) I'm not normally a grammar pedant, but seeing as you're going for officer - it's "he circumstances leading up to my going...", and if you're going to put dots in an initialism then remember to put the final one too (it's either GP or G.P.)

No charge.


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I don't think FF was meaning to be too derogatory, however he has a point, if you think that whatever you are currently doing is more stressful than being an Army Officer in the current times, please elaborate.

You already have a history of work related stress, you aim to put yourself into an environment such as Sandhurst whereby one of the main factors is to see how you cope with stress, physical and mental. Both acute and chronic.

As you say we do not know all the circumstances therefore all we can say is maybe, maybe not, most likely not.

There is a wealth of experience on this site and folk will be able to give you a more clear answer if you give more details.

Otherwise, let us know how you get on at the medical.
Unless the job was something like Brain Surgeon.
Think you might find it a bit hard to persuade anyone that your worth taking a punt on.
Sorry but stress is the nature of an army officers job. (when they are actually earning their pay)
Yes, you are right I do not know anything about your personal or work circumstances, but let's see what you wrote:

"I suffered from work related stress..."

Now I can assure you that there is nothing more stressful than trying to do your job and keep your team alive whist someone is actively trying to kill you.

How does that compare?

There's no point in asking the question if you are not prepared for the answer.
Folks again thanks for the replies. Flying Felix apologies for overreacting to your initial post I know you were only trying to provide realistic advice. I note all your comments and again boils down to what is appropriate to share in a public forum. I fully acknowledge that the role of an army officer is extremely challenging both mentally and physically. Whilst I can’t really divulge what I do I can confirm that my current role has a substantial amount of responsibility and the stress is associated with a specific problem in my work. I appreciate that its difficult to make any judgment with only a fragment of information. I suppose the best route is just to fill in the medical questionnaire and see what the result is.


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Given your username can we assume you're a gremlin of some sort?

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