Medical History Turn Around time

Hi everyone, just joined this site talk about a step up from the army website. All the info they seem to keep hidden and rather disjointed whenever i look for some specific stuff.

Anyway had my first interview and passed BARB and Numeracy and Literacy Tests to a pretty good standard.
Filled out the medical forms with my doctor and i picked up and handed it in to my recruiting office for them to send of.

I was wondering what sort of turn around time it generally is for them to be cleared,i have zero medical conditions at all as pretty much never had to go to GP or hospital, any help would be great.
Didn't want to keep ringing my recruiting officer as already had to call him to remind them about Booking in my Barb
Generally all being well about 2 weeks. Sometimes a little less, sometimes a lot more.
OK thanks for the general idea was searching around on here for a while to get some idea as didn't want to start up another
"Newbie recruit asking an obvious question" thread lol.
I was gonna give it a month from handing it in before i ring up and ask if anything has happened
To be honest I found the slowest part being my own doctor getting round to filling in the form; so if you've got that sorted then you won't have to wait too long.
yeah i kinda got him to fill it in there and then, my recruiting officer told me to make sure to get it off of him and hand it into the office as he's had a lot of 'Missing' forms occurring. okay thats good to hear have no medical problems so just have to start learning to be patient lol
A reminder to my doctor that they are getting paid for the forms soon got them sent off quickly.
Yeah mine perked up when I showed him that form lol
I took mine to my doctors at the end of January, and i've still not heard anything back. Going to give my recruiters a ring in the next few days to try and chase them up
A reminder to my doctor that they are getting paid for the forms soon got them sent off quickly.
Both times I had to have my medical forms filled in my doctor didn't claim for it. He said there's no point as it takes him longer to claim the money than what he did filling out my medical questionnaire
Did mine also but then needed the nurse to find all my dates with vaccinations and all that. Had a bit of fuss over why he wouldn't let me take it to my recruiter myself so maybe he took ages as an up yours. Who knows.
Well by the sound of it I'm just being impatient lol, will be a month Friday so I'll give my recruitingofficers a quick call to see whats happening, I know there's medical reason for a delay so obviously it's just gonna turn up when it does

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