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Medical history issue when joining the royal marines

Hello I was born in England, but I moved to Ireland at 6 and have never really gone to the gp in Ireland, only through school to get a jab, so I don't have a history, I once went to the gp in Spain while I was on holiday though, I have gp history from before I moved to Ireland and I plan to go back to England a couple of months before I plan to apply to royal marines and will have a gp check up before hand hopefully, I've read online that military organisations like to have a full medical history, will this make any difference? To my application. Thanks


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Well if you have had all the school jabs etc, and not been ill I see no problem. That is assuming that you are about 18 years old etc.
Don't you have a GP in Ireland? I imagine those are the records (even if rather sparse) that they'd be looking for.
Yes we have GPS in Ireland, but I had a hard time getting a place in one because I'm British and I live in the back waters of Ireland and they still harbour grudges I've never needed the gp, as I've never been ill enough,

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