Medical help wanted guys! - back pain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jeromesausage, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Guys, bit of help please on behalf of my better half who has been suffering a really bad back pain over the last week or two - I''ll hand you over to her so all typos are hers.....

    Any ideas anyone, 3 weeks ago i woke up with a feeling that i had slept akwardly, spent the day with twinges in my neck and shoulders. was fine the following day then on the third day i could not move my head and the center of my neck was in severe pain and this lasted for 3 or 4 days. The pain has now moved down in to the muscle in the top of my shoulder and around my neck. I went to the Minor Injurys Unit who had a look at it and said it was something begining with c - I can't remember what! I have been putting deep heat, hot water bottles, and heat pads on it as well as going for deep tissue massage. Is this gonna get better on own or will I beed to book in some physio.

    Guys, would really appreciate any help, comments or advice as whilst this persists I'm not likely to be getting any. More than willing to post gash shots if any advice helps!!

  2. Make a GP appt. Impossible to help without an examination. GP will decide whether you need physio.
  3. Cheers Jarrod - from my own experience, don't GPs tend to shy away from any back probs and just refer out anyway for the sake of caution - We will book an app, just wondered if anyone else out there has experience of this condition - it just came from nowhere, most strange.

    Cheers Jarrod, appreciated mate.
  4. No it's bread and butter work for a GP. Could be musculoskeletal or a nerve problem or complicated stuff. A few prods and pokes will sort a diagnosis in a few minutes most likely.
  5. I am not a doctor or physio but I have suffered from back problems on and off for over 20 years as a result of rugby and the rigours of military life. I would suggest seeing your GP and a chiropracter or physio. Personally, my over-riding experience is that, whatever intervention you try, the back will sort itself out with time. Many treatments offer only short-term relief especially if the complaint is muscular or disc related. Often the pain is caused by pressure on a nerve - usually a swollen or bulging disc - and can be transferred to other parts of the back or limbs.

    If your problem was caused from sleeping awkwardly ("trapped nerve")and not from some strain or trauma that you cannot recall (often there is little pain at the trime of the injury, perhaps only a pull or twinge), then I would have thought that you can't have done much that is really serious and it will gradually recover over the course of 2 or 3 weeks. I find the secret is trying to maintain mobility, without stressing the injury. Therefore low impact activities such as swimming help the recovery process by keeping your joints and muscles mobile and stimulating circualtion and thus recovery at the sight of the problem. Alternate hot and cold pack treatment can also assist.

    However, I must stress again that I am not a medicasl expert and that each case is diffderent so do seek professional medical advice, if only to set your mind at rest.

    PS are you sure that it wasn't caused by Jerome's sausage while you slept! LOL


  6. As above, sounds like a trapped nerve, especially if you have numbness.
  7. He probably called it 'cervical spondylosis', which is the medical term for arthritis basically. Everyone over the age of 25ish has some degree of degenerative change in their spine, due to our flawed design, having a very heavy head balanced at the top of a flimsy neck.

    When they say 'trapped nerve' they tend to mean that the raggedy bits of overgrown bone have narrowed the tunnel that the nerve travels down, which is impingeing on the nerve and inflamming it. Once the inflammation dies down the pain will too.

    While you wait to see your GP, if she has no allergy to it, take ibuprofen as it is an anti-inflammatory which will help the nerve settle. GENTLE movements can help too, turning the head side to side and forwards/backwards...not in full circles though.
    Hope it improves soon.