medical help please!!

Working in a training regiment I would say that it would affect your application. Your best bet is to come off them first before applying. As long as you haven't had any serious mental illness or diagnosed depression in the last 2 years you should be fine but definitely lose the meds first.
im going for air corps pilot...... i spoke to the careers office today about it when i went in and they seemed very vague about it all, almost like they didnt know so they told me to apply anyway
joeyktm said:
'i smell a trol'

meaning what?

Meaning, more or less, that the originator of the thread cannot be serious and is looking for a wind-up!

Look in ARRSEPedia at the top of the page!

just that at the moment, i only went to the careers office today...... although i have been thinking about it for a while as i grew up in a millitaryt family and my brother is also starting sandhurst

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