Medical help if possiple

ive just had a 2nd op on my knees and been of for 56 days the medical centre says "as ive been of for 56 day they can apply for i tne ( think thats what it,s called).
basically they can put my job ( posting) back to glasgow to fill it , so i,ll have no job i live on the patch .

1- can they screw me for having a op and having 56 days sick
2- what happens when you are tne?
3- do i lose my rank pay ?
4 do i get md
5- what happens to the married q ?

any info would be gratefull cheers
dont worry, this has just been put in to place to allow units to maintain its fighting strength, while giving you time to rehab. you will not loose your rank or pay and any decision on your future employabilaty is covered in PAP 2010. it is a very long and drawn out afair and depends on how your rehab goes. i wouldnt loose sleep over it mate
Because Iam on posting and i am a acting sgt on posting , will I lose The post and the acting rank pay , ?
What is this pap10 ?
PULHHEEMS Administrative Pamphlet, it lays down the regulations for the management of medicals and of soldiers whos MES dropes below that of MFD. if your on an E post it all.depends on the length of the post, the Job your doing and the local CoC
well the posting is till july 2013 and hoping to pick up on the next board, ive been p3le for about 14 yrs because of my knees and hearing due to service.
iam a driving instructor teach the vehicles for falklands and afgan ,
if i got told of this 56 days rule ive never had the op agai on my knees and carried on with the pain .
just been giving another 28 days by the MO, then had a call from my CSM get to the med centre tommow as the MO is going to change your sick chit so no i,am going to be a desk jockey ( great) Especially as the tramadol makes me sleepy as bending my knees give me pain , talk about forceing me back to work , still p3le ,

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