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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by afs2006, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. I have had a look around this site and others but can't get much information about what I want.

    Can anyone tell me what P0 is? I have been to my Doc today and she has said that I am P0 after my last med board.

    It means nothing to me really so any help would be appreciated

    Many thanks
  2. if it is p o (oh) thats something take orally
    if it is p0 (zero) thats something to do with protein.
  3. P 0 as a medical grading is
    taken from the pulhheems pamphlet AC 13371
  4. So I should probably know about receiving this grading then???
  5. Thanks Phantom. Have replied.
  6. Anyone else got any information on this?
  7. Have you recently hurt yourself,

    P0 means ungradable, or temporarily unemployable (if i remember correctly)

    are you due rehab?

    I was made P0 immediately after i got hurt and was upgraded to P7 only after rehab, and upgraded again as things got better.

    So it does not mean a med discharge is on its way, it just means you probably need further attention before any further decisions can be made.
  8. I have been P7 for a number of years and attended two med boards. They are currently awaiting results from a short stay in hospital (12-17 November) and I have another board in January to discuss the results.

    My problem with all this is, why wasn't I told that I had been graded P0? and what EXACTLY does P0 mean and how does it affect me?

  9. I have an injured colleague who has Homo on his medical grading docs, he insists it means Home only but as he's Welsh I'm a little suspicious about it.
  10. With only vague information to go from you can only get vague answers. You need to discuss this with your MO, and possibly your Medical Centre Practice Manger to ask why you were not kept fully informed. Discussing this/complaining could prevent it happening this way again for somwone else.
  11. This will be discussed with anyone that matters but I would like to know what I am talking about first.
  12. ok more for you from the Pulheems Pamphlet 2000 (its a right riveting read I can tell you)