Medical grading and it’s impact

Hi all not sure if I’m posting this in the right thread but anyway I’m currently serving and have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease ! This means I have to avoid gluten for life as it can cause some horrible symptoms and cause some nasty damage. I’ve been told that I won’t be discharged which is a relief but I’m likely to be downgraded to what I believe is p3. Which from my understanding means the army won’t send me anywhere it can’t meet my dietary needs. I’m just wondering if anyone knows anyone else serving with this condition or similar?

And what impacts p3 grading has on an individual, I’m by no means a biff and was planning on attending an all arms pti course at the earliest opportunity. Don’t want to have a substandard career or be denied opportunities just because I can’t eat gluten! So yeah if Any of you have had similar experience or condition it would be good to hear how the army approach it and what kinda drafts someone graded p3 can get.

I’ve no idea who it will effect you but from the military point of view the reason is that it (the military) cannot guarantee that it will be able to provide gluten free meals.

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