Medical Grade?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bootifull, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Medical grade?
    Anyone know what grade you must be upon leaving the Army at 22yr point?
    I always thought it was P2FE and anything less meant the Army had to fix you or med' discharge you, has it all changed?
  2. Alive and all limbs accounted for would suit most people.
  3. Mimi, they can ******* fix me before I piss off after 24 years.

    Yours aye,

    Princess, P0 xxxx
  4. Slug,

    It would take another 24 years to sort you out!

  5. No sensible answers? Was hoping for some ARRSE knowledge at least.
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  6. Hasn't it got something to do with what your injury is and how you got it? And how it impacts on your life? Losing a limb in Afghanistan might be covered, being unable to put a bergan on your back and tab up a hill might not be (as most civvie jobs don't involve that).
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  7. Bootiful,

    The Army must ensure that you have a final release medical prior to your last day of service. It is based on your level of function and the PULHHEEMS grade, as well as the JMES. P2FE does not exist anymore. Check out PAP '10 v2 for the latest guidance, particularly Table 7 in relation to your level of function and ability.

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  8. Not a thread about opiates, then?

    Who do I complain to?
  9. You can leave the Army in any grade: P0 MND Temp (sick leave, expected to get better); P2 MFD (fully fit for all military duties world-wide); P3 MLD Temp or Perm (some limitation to duties but deployable after a risk assessment); P7 MND Temp or Perm (significant limitations but able to still do some regular and effective service but not deployable); and of course P8 MND Perm (unfit for all military duties and recommended for medical discharge).

    The important thing is to get your pre-release medical done at least three months before you leave. That way if there is any problem it can be diagnosed, you can be given a grading and a plan made to hand your care over to the NHS. And if your grade is P0, you can have a full medical board to decide whether you are P8 and should be getting a medical discharge.