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medical forms

hi is sent my medical forms away and now they have sent something back asking for a blood test to see if i have high cholesterol, im only 17 and do lots of running and i aint fat!never have been!is it even possible i might have high colesterol?
People with highcholeroloe generally have tend to have a dispostion to it from what i have read. If you ate the right food and exercised even with a dispostion towards high cholerstral you could get it in the normal range.
bruffy11 said:
i had a blood test taken today, if i have high cholesterol will that mean i can never join the army??
AFAIK cholestrol levels respond quickly to changes in diet so if it IS high I can imagine that they will probably just defer you and check again. But dont worry about it, you probably dont have it.. your dad has it, but hes probably around 45-50 years old and isnt as active as you and doesnt eat as well as you do.. (sorry if hes a 35 year old lean machine) so it is likely to be environmental not hereditary.

Try living on veg, soya beans and rice for a few weeks.

Lots of exercise can up your HDL levels and make your total cholesterol seem high. It is the LDL which is dangerous. You could at least get it split (if they haven't done so) to see what the LDL level is.

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