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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bruffy11, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. how long does it take for your medical forms to be cleared??
  2. It varies, mine took less than a week, but I've heard others took over 6 weeks.
  3. Mine was about 3 months.
  4. I'm waiting for mine now. Ive been told to allow up to 3months.
  5. Approx 3 weeks for me.
  6. and me
  7. I applied in June I still haven't got passed the medical stage, It hasn't stopped me phoning the careers office every two days though! I'm sure one day I'll get to selection!
  8. By any chance Jimmy are you applying for ADSC Ballymena in NI?
  9. No Paddy, Im down in southampton bud, I'm trying to get into the PWRR. Why do you ask? are you having problems too?

    It's mad when you hear in the news that there is shortage of people joining the Army. Maybe it's because it's so bloody difficult to join!
  10. i waited about a month
  11. Couldn't agree more with you Jimmy, their crying out for recruits and when I try to join up I have to sit on my ass waiting for them to contact me for the best part of 6 months, been waiting for a place on selection since July, the (only) ADSC in NI is based in Ballymena and for months it has been either passing very few Potential Recruits or none at all, due to computer problems and a lack of medical staff. But I should be goin on selection with the next month so hopefully I'll be on my Phase 1 in January.
  12. What are these medical things anyway?

    When I joined up you had a medical at the careers office and that was it :D but it was many years ago

    Mind it did mean a few disease ridden mongs managed to get to basic training 8O
  13. Well to start off with before you can even get to selection yo need your GP to fill out a 'Bible like' medical form saying that you are a super human. Once ADSC have given the thumbs up to the GP's notes you then get to go to ADSC, have a thourough(Spelling?) check over, then you can start the physical side!
  14. Thanks for that, I was also wondering what this was all about. I hope to go in after GCSEs so should be in mid 2008 and am going to start applying come January.
  15. Id suggest you start applying now mate, the earlier you get it done the better i think, because i left mine too late and was hoping to get into harrogate AFC september this year, but first time I was at ADSC I was sent back to a specialist with a heart murmurm, so that ballsd up my September dreams!