Medical Forms

Deliberate Self Harm or Overdose, I Ticked No, But the Doctor disagreed and marked it with a big fat X

When It Comes to his addition comments he put (i can only just read it)

A/E visit diagnosis poisoning/overdose on the 4th of june 2005

i ticked no because there was nothin up with me, i took one 2 many parcetamol (4) and sum otha tablet by accident when half asleep, they took blood, thought nothin of it

but could this stop be getting in?
This can be a bar to service. You need to get a letter explaining the circumstances to see if the Army Dr will accept your version.
but on another section the doc ticked NO for mental health problems (including deliberate self harm and behavioural disorders)

is this enough proof? surely on there comps it would of said deliberate or suicide attempt?
True, and what you say makes sense, but things have a habit of not working as simply as they should do. In that column where the doc gives a tick or a cross, if there are any crosses the Army will look in detail at the doc's notes, if they can read them. Do you really want to take the chance? Check with your recruitment staff, and your GP, they will be able to tell you in more detail. Good luck!
thanks for the advice, my doc is like from africa or something, doesnt speak much english, and certainly cant write properly lol, knowin my docs they will charge more cash for the attachment
yeh i dont mind payin anyway, as long as it help me getting in the Army, but hey! you learn from your mistakes
i got passed fit to join the army after exactly the same thing!. Explained my side of the story to the medical officer and she put a note on my file but deemed me fit to join. The letter from my GP didnt really explain much and I had to explain exactly what happened on my medical.
ok im not good with words really lol

but all that happend is i woke up with a headache and took 3 paracetamol (i know your supposed to take 2) no harm done, went back to sleep didnt realise wot the time was, took some more, but took some stronger ones by mistake, woke up next mornin, mum sed i look ill, so i told her what id done, so she rushed me to hospital, they just took blood and sed id posioned my self, automatically classing it as an overdose...
yeh thanks, they asked if i needed to stay in the hospital to see someone and stuff....but i dint do it cos i wanted to die i dont understand why that dint put it down as accidentle...
Was the doctor wrong to put an X next to 'Overdose' here is te definition from

Main Entry: 1over·dose
Pronunciation: primarystressomacr-vschwar-secondarystressdomacrs
Function: noun
: too great a dose (as of a therapeutic agent) <an overdose of exposure to the sun -- Morris Fishbein>; also : a lethal or toxic amount (as of a drug)

So whilst it was small, accidental, resulted in no harm to yourself, it is (strictly speaking) correct to mention the overdose.

Sorry but being a pedant.
yeh it is correct...but it doesnt say accidental or anything...would save a lot of time wouldnt it
Jus Recieved my letter...Application deffered till june 2008 cos of the overdose....and they tried sayin that asthma was a part of it arse...ive bin clear for 5 years
go and speak to your GP

if it wasn't deliberate get him to write a letter explaining it was accidental.. and about the asthma aswell that you've been sympton free for 5 yrs.

take that to the ACIO and they can write up an appeal letter for ya.

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