Medical Forms.

Just been to my doctors so he could fill out my medical forms. He needs the nurse to look in the database during the week to check vacination dates etc... I then asked them to contact me when it's all completed so I could hand it into my recruiter to make sure it gets there as soon as possible and safely (something that my recruiter said i could do). However my Doctor said they aren't allowed to give it back to me, and that they HAVE to send it off themselves. Its too late to ring the careers office now, so i'll do it tomorrow, but i just wanted to see what you guys thought about it. Cheers
What do you actually want random internet users opinions on?
I was told you could do either, I know that the Doctors have to send off a seperate form off to the MOD or somewhere to get something like £60 for filling a piece of paper in which is a lot of money for not much in my oppinion
By the end of the day its your GPs perogative to send then either VIA you or post them straight to the ACIO, so if he says he is posting them himself to the ACIo theres nothing you can do.

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