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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hull_lad, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. I sent my medical forms off just over a week ago, I was just wondering how long they usually take to get returned, im very eager to get to my interview stage.
  2. It took me well over a month to get mine back. Best be prepared for a bit of a wait. However my case is a little longer than most I know of.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    Do you mind me asking what made it complicated, because I have had multiple operations on one of my ears so I think that may slow down the process too.
  4. All depends on your recruiter/doctor I guess.

    I filled mine in and gave it to the doc, then a few days later I'm told my medical history is fine and have a date for an interview.

    The recruiter told me the medical forms is the cause of delay in most cases, so I told the same thing to my doc and he made sure they was completed correctly.

    Edit: I've never had anything wrong with me that's too serious, so that's probably why they went through swiftly.
  5. Yes, the majority of my wait (about three weeks) came from waiting for my doctor to fill out the forms. I was told by my recruiter to stay on his case. I would probably still be waiting if I didn't call in every couple of days to bother him. Lets face it, they aren't going to rush for £65.
  6. If your just waiting for the doctor to fill it out maybe try and get an an appointment to see him or her and explain how important it is to you for it to be done asap. Might help push them along a bit :)

    When i had mine done i sat down with my doctor and went through most of it there with him and i had it back about 3 days later as he could see how important it was for me to have it done
  7. 10 min, in and out, RAMC Doc at my GP's practice :wink:
  8. dam it, you win you really are speedy.....well your doc is :wink:
  9. after a couple of weeks mine were sent back for additional info, as i used to have asthma, just sent mine back today so hope all goes well
  10. Hi bud, i dont want to worry you too much, a mate of mine was in the t.a and tried to go regular, having had an operation on one of his ear's his application for regular was declined, and he had to leave the t.a. Like i said i'm not trying to worry you, just be aware of the possibility.
    Hope everything works out tho.
  11. Cheers mate, i'm expecting to be declined to be honest but i'm still extemely worried as I will be devastated if I do, the Army is the only career I want to have. It's annoying how there are millions of people that in the UK have nothing wrong with them but would never consider a career in the military, yet I want to do it more than anything else but will probably get rejected. But I suppose at the end of the day partial deafness in one ear is only a minor problem compared to what some people have.

    Btw, on my earlier post I should have stated that the forms have been sent to the Army doctors, they have already been filled out by my doctor.
  12. I agree. I haven't got the best knees in the world. What I wouldn't give to have the health some of these jobless chavs have. Still, nothing is going to stop me from joining. Only death, or a blister.
  13. Yeah, I reckon a blister in training would probably force me to quit. :p
  14. Be optimistic my friend. All round it took me roughly 3 months from handing in my first medical application to my doctor, to being accepted past the medical part.

    After the 1st month i was deffered, 2 weeks after that i got an ECG, 2 weeks after that i got my results, a month after that my medical was accepted. Believe me it was nerve racking the whole 3 months, but I got through it.

    I dont know anything about how the army deals with ear operations etc. but good luck from someone who hasnt had a squeaky clean medical history as well.
  15. I'm waiting at the moment too. Because I'm a re-join to the Military I had to re-register to a GP because when you join the military you are taken off the GP's list.

    So I filled in my medical forms and put the address of what I thought was my current GP, not be known to me that I'm not even registered there anymore. But now I'm registered to a GP again, and I handed the forms directly to the receptionist. Hopefully the doctor will fill them in soon. I don't know if being a re-join slows down this part of the process at all, I imagine not. Because health wise I'm as fit as a fiddle.