Medical forms out of date?

Hey, i was wondering if someone could shed some light on this.

I am going to ask my career office but it is bugging me to know!

I completed the medical forms and my old doctor confirmed them and signed and then i was declared medically clear. This was in August 2010. I went to selection in november 2010 and i was deferred for one year (Not for medical reasons). Will i have to re-do the medical forms to update them or not?
This would be quite a bother for me as i don't live there and i no longer have a doctor.
I am using the same recruit office in my old home town. I am still dealing with them. They know that i live abroad but i am a british citizen. I did my medical forms in august when i was over for a visit and used the doctor (but the doctor didnt know i was living abroad, he didn't see me, he just did the forms and that was that) he would not have filled them in if he knew i was living abroad and no longer lived at the registered address.
So i really hope i don't have to re-sit the barb test or the forms because i can't go back to that town anymore.
Any help is appreciated.
If you were deferred for ADSO reasons and had passed medical on your first day then you don't need to do the RG8 again until after November 2011 ( a year after you attended ADSC last). If you have met all the requirements that you were deferred for you go back down to ADSC after your defer date and will have a check medical to confirm theres no changes since your last visit...basically do the 2 days of selection again.....If your return date is after November 2011 you will have to get your RG8 renewed prior to return to ADSC.