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For the medical forms you get to fill in. Have people on here booked an appoinment with there gp about getting them filled in. Or just handed the forms to the reception staff at your doctors to pass on to your gp?
I booked an appointment both times I needed a medical form filled in by my GP. First time round he & a nurse filled it in for me there and then, second time round he said to collect it from reception 3 days after I handed it in (I requested to pick it up & deliver it to the ACIO in person so as to save a bit of time, which he was fine with).

I also wanted to discuss with him in person the "severity" of some of the criteria I'd ticked "yes" to just to confirm we were both in agreement with what I'd stated on the form.

I had 2 "good case" scenarios though; some people wait weeks for their GP to complete the form (which is understandable as they're generally snowed under with paperwork, fortunately I'm not listed with a city centre clinic).
This is turning out to be a nightmare for me!

I'm at the medical forms stage in my application for the Army.

I phoned the GP's and booked an appointment to 'fill in some army medical forms'. When I finally saw the doctor she went off on one about how she doesn't have time to do this and the receptionists should know that!

I was told to leave the forms with the receptionist a week ago and 'they would call me'. I've phoned them twice now and been told to call back tomorrow both times..

I don't understand how some people are able to get these done with a GP and some people are just told to bugger off and leave it with them? Guess it depends on where you live.
I understand they are busy etc.

However I would like to get them back to the Army Careers Office in reasonable time, 2 weeks have passed now since I was handed the forms. I called them to let them know I was waiting for the GP to fill them in. They said they appreciated the call and have known it to be difficult getting the forms done.

I suppose I can't do anything else other than wait though... :(

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