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Medical Form (Migrain)

i got a letter today with a migraine questionaire (as i ticked that and tht was the ONLY thing tht applyed to me on the form) i filled it in honestly, (i havend had any migrains since the end of 05, and eve nwhen i did have them they wasnt serious, i was on tablets for 2 weeks then they stopped totaly, this wont ruin my chances will it ? the army careers guy (fro mteh office) didnt seem to think so when he went thru it, just wondering any comments welcome :)
I think the general rule of thumb is "don't put anything down which doesn't effect you know", say you broke your pinky finger when you were 2, you wouldn't remember it, and it won't effect you know, but its still a breakage.
i had a very protective mother as a child, at the slightest sign of a sniffle i was off school and down the docs, anyway this meant that i had headaches on my record from when i was 11. This held my application up for at least a month, since after handing my medical form in i was sent an additional questionaire asking about migraines etc... basically when was my last headache and what i use to get treat them ...

to which i blankly wrote the reply 'a while ago, don't recall and a couple of asprin'

never heard anything back, but my application started to get underw\y about 3 weeks after.
i put it down (even tho i am not affected now) just incase they check the recrds etc and say i deliverately hidden it or sumthing

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