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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by HungryCatapillar, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. I am hoping to join the TA and am going to Pirbright next weekend for my Medical. I was under the impression that I would do the fitness test another weekend, dependent on the outcome of the medical but having spoken to somebody at the AFCO I am now unsure. Will the fitness and Medical be done over the same weekend?

    Normally I would phone the AFCO back, but I am away until Wednesday so won't get a chance.

    With regard to the running part of the fitness test, I have been out of exercise for two weeks due to a chest infection and my fitness levels have taken a nose-dive (though starting to improve again now I'm back in training). I know it involves an 800m warm up, then 1.5miles in under 14minutes, I was just wondering if there was a small break between the warm up and the run and also if you had to complete the full 1.5miles without stopping/walking?

    Apologies if you get questions like this alot, I had a look through previous posts and couldn't see the answers.
  2. Wrong forum, this is regulars not TA look at the top it says 'Regular recruiting. For TA see the Joining the TA'
  3. Tried that first, but it comes up with:-


    The forum you selected does not exist.

    Thought it was worth trying here seeing as there doesn't actually appear to be one for the TA.
  4. Isnt your fitness done on the recruit selection weekend?and the medical done before at a civvy doctors?
  5. Hi there,

    :D So you are going for your selection & your medical. Thats ok. My son did that in april. He's nearly 16. He had to have a eye test, hearing test, heart chest, blood pressure etc. Oh & the 'drop & cough' test lol. Poor you :D That was all fine. Then you had you tests. You had your pe tests on the first day, also the lesson about the granade & how it is made. You are then tested that on the next day. You do an 'icebreaker' which is where they give you a list of questions which you have to talk about. Ie... your family, work, school, what you want to get out of the army etc. It takes about 3 mins, although may seem longer but all ok. You do some things in the evening, pe, I think. The next day to do your 800mtrs run, have a few mins break, then your off again for your 1.5 miles. As long as you come in well under 14mins, you will be ok. My son done 9.12 mins. He has been training for 1yr! You the have a shower & have your 'main' interview. You have to be suited & booted for this & be polite & smile lol. They all know that you are nervous & so you should be lol... :D He then says yes or no you have passed your run etc & will be given a place in the army. Subject to vacancys. Then you go down the pub & get rat arsed & de stress lol! But you will be ok. It is alot easier that the selection dvd says. Just hold onto the jerry cans. You have to do your best effort for those.

    Good luck & if you need to ask any questions, just shout ok.

  6. Your warm up once will be once around the 1.5m track to show you the route. Then when your back at the starting point, youll have enough time to quickly tie your laces, and thats it. Git' going.
  7. says on my paperwork that you "walk the route"
  8. It seems they are doing it differently all the time now due to trying to get people through the system as quickly as possible.

    I did my medical at Sandhurst by our coy`s medical personel mostly TA not civvy.

    A 2 week gap

    Then did the recruit selection weekend at Crowbrough which involved us being split up into groups/teams and performing various tasks. When you do the PT part we did all the weight and strength tests first, then a stretching dynamic warm up and a lap of the track. The base itself was in a valley so you had one steap incline and one steap decline as part of the laps. They had people stationed around the track pushing you on and they definately wouldnt let you stop on going up the hill...

    After we had done the 1.5m run we was told Malta barracks were we normally do this is completely flat and therefor easier...

    I dunno what it`ll be like for you but I would train as much as you can because it will always help. The run itself isnt that bad. I did it with an injury from hockey to my left knee which really made it tough with the hills. And even with not having been training due to injury before this I still managed to get in the time.
  9. One thing I would recommend is to be yourself they will see through you trying to be anything else. If you are seriously ill or injured let them know, they value integrity and honesty.

    Dont worry too much about it as the 1.5m run isnt really a run its a jog. Push yourself and show them how much you want it and they will notice.

    As I only did it a month ago I thought this insight might help. Although alot of people on this forum will know better than I....
  10. Yeah you do walk the route, but not bimbling along, just a brisk walk warm-up, but you wont get more than 1 minute to rest because you wouldnt really need to as its a 'warm-up' so then they just say go and your off.

    Jerry cans is not a best effort test, it is done inside the PT hall (at least for me at ADSC glencorse) and there are a set of cones at each end, you just walk to each end go round the cone back again for a couple of laps and your done. Same for the dynamic lift, sometimes its best effort, but with us they didnt care they just stuck the required weight on for our job description and banged one out, didnt even get a chance to try heavier weights...... but that woman up above is correct its nothing compared to the big fiasco people make it out to be, only the medical which is out of your control.
  11. Yep thats right, when I done mine we had 3 PTI's acting as minute markers on 8-9 mins, 10-11 mins, and 11+ usually the 11+ marker is a jog/slow run however he will urge you to push on, as for the 10-11 minute marker that was about a 60% run and the hardcore runners in at 8-9 minutes wer about 80% hard running. But for most people can be easier to do it at selection because not much people like myself were lucky to have the nice flat route to train beforehand, so they may think they are going for 10 mins or something and end up with 9:30 or less..... I used to be terrible, on a slightly up/downhill route i was getting like 12:50 but when i done ADSC got 10:19. So nothing to worry anybody who thinks its going to be hard, as long as you prepared for it you will do good.
  12. Joining the TA forum is HERE

    I had my medical first, it was done by a civvy Doctor.

    Did the selection weekend at Pirbright 2 weeks ago.

    Saturday afternoon - Reception, fill out icebreaker sheet, issued with coveralls and helmet. Make beds. Introduction to the TA, followed by icebreaker.

    Sunday - Introduction to grenade. Split into 4 sections, first two sections did fitness tests (heaves, back strength, static lift, dynamic lift), then jerry can carry followed by the run. 2 laps (800m) at doubletime lined up in 2 ranks, then formed in a line ready to do run - about a 30 second rest before starting. After run split back into the two sections and did BARB test, followed by team tasks and then grenade throw. Sections 3 & 4 did it the other way round. After all that there was the test on the grenade.

    Went home at about 14:00.
  13. You got to throw a grenade! I`m so jealous :p
  14. Yep, nearly hit the Cpl with it twice too!!! :oops:

  15. Lol and they let you in... funny how that works :p