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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Thuggerz, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, I was told 2 weeks ago that i had passed my medical and my final interview on the 5th October. Today i called my recruiter up to ask him a couple of questions and he tells me he mad a mistake and that i didnt pass my medical. What a kick in the teeth!. Does this kind of thing happen alot?
  2. What did you fail on?
  3. Hi, there going to send me a letter in a week or two, explaining the reasons why. Hopefully i can appeal!
  4. Hi all, i got my letter a week ago. It said i was deferred because of deliberate self harm and that i couldnt automaticallty appeal or something. It happend 2 years ago and i had forgotton about it. I was thinking about going to a psychiatrist just to prove that i'm ok. Can someone tell me where i can go from here.

  5. how long were you deffered for?
  6. Hi, it didnt say. All it said was that i didnt have an automatic right to appeal, so i think i'm not ever allowed to join the army.
  7. Someone I know was turned down from the army because they saw a shrink as a kid for less.
    They got in the TA though :?
  8. It seems like its a mission just to get pass the application stage. I just hope i get in because it would be a damn shame if i didnt.
  9. self harm? are they binning blokes for knocking one off now?
  10. self harm yeah...I carved my girlfriends name on my forehead....Whoohooo
  11. Just kidding
  12. Thuggerz, did anyone tell you that you got your name in the paper?
  13. was probably in the Hackney gazette
  14. :D

    I'd have thought someone would have sent you the link.

    Thuggerz goes national

    (If you're too lazy, you are the bit in bold)
  15. nice article, im sur if its supposed to be pro or against te afghan war but what the hell.

    anyways, im ginda interested in your situation because i have been to the doctors before for self harm, and although a that point is was only very mild he is still going to write down personal problems on my questionnaire.

    I seriously dont want to get rejected as the only thing i am good at is handling myself in stressful and dangerous situations, and there arent many other jobs where that comes up . . .