Medical Fail...High Blood Pressure!

Hi All,

I have just returned from my medical, but unfortunately failed due to slightly high blood pressure.

Pretty gutted as everything else was fine...any one else had similar trouble?


One of my mates that was on selection with me for regulars had the same problem and had to go to his doctor a few days after to get it tested again and he passed and had a note from the doc to say so and that was the end of it, have you not been given similar advice?


Try looking at the 'similar threads' at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes it can be due to 'white coat syndrome' (i.e. nerves) rather than any medical problem. I nearly failed my medical because of the same thing.


I had the same problem and failed my joining up medical which came as a bit of a shock as a County level cross-country runner at the time. 1 swift visit to the GP and a letter from same sorted it out. Colonel that failed me died of a heart attack in his surgery a few years later while the Medical Cpl made off with the morphine.

25 years service later, of course I have sodding high blood pressure - a course of pills and some dietary adjustments can sort it out. In short, whether you carry on with your application or not, you should see your GP and maybe get an ECG and some blood tests and find out whether this was a blip or something you need to pay a bit of attention to. Either way it can be fixed.

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