Medical Examination

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mista117, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Ok im 15, 2 months till 16...what does the regular army medical consist of? cos really im shuddering at the thought of some doctor putting a latex rubber glove on :x lol
  2. Bend over and touch your toes!!!
  3. they dont all use a latex glove. its a full medical, so every thing imaginable, and it says on paper "no internal examination" but you might feel something rather large poking up your crevice. dont worry its routine
  4. ok that was a really quick response :S lol

    urm...if its non internal putting something up there is kinda cheating the non internal bit...
  5. nothing to worry about..
    just 3 or 4 fingers
  6. If you are lucky a thumb.
  7. You have to strip down naked and walk like a duck with your b*lls dragging on the floor.
  8. any reason why they do that...doesnt sound like a prostate exam :S...or do they just like it? (joking)
  9. mate dont listen 2 the wind ups (even tho its funny and i can imagine u sh!tting ur self even more with every little post you read lol)

    basicly its a hearing test (so as long as your not deaf then you will pass it)

    eye test, and colour vision test

    urine sample, to see if your sugar levels are low (its not a drug test)!

    then once you see the doctor (considering you have passed all the other tests) he/she tests all your joints, bones, muscles, makes you do 5 push ups, makes you bend your legs and arms in all funny positions, makes you walk like a duck, and a total t!t. listens to your lungs, heart, takes blood pressure, then finaly whips your boxers down to 'make sure you have 2 bolloxs'.

    thats it, nothing to worry about!
  10. i dont see how having only one bollock would affect how you run/aim or anything but ok
  11. Fcuking bad news if you're a girl.

  12. plus why would someone only have one..i mean if they had it removed then they would have the medical record of that somewhere..just find that bit weird lol
  13. I've got three so I passed with flying colours.
  14. That's what she said.
  15. but what about 'girl walts'? the ones who havn't had the full surgery yet.