medical examination

It depends on the doctor's opinion. But any murmur is likely to mean a fail.
Not so, I joined the Brit Army 20 odd years ago with a heart murmer and a hole in my heart. I had a full career doing more than most other soldiers do and had no dramas at all.

The Doc should arrange a specialist appointment for you if required and the results will determine what happens to you.

If you can pass the tests, you should be OK.

As a side note, I ensured I passed the tests with a big margin (1 mile in 6.05 mins I seem to remember) just so they knew I was not a cripple.... :)

Hope this helps
Nige, was your Medical in Oz or the UK?..I think 20yrs on, the Medical Standard for entry has changed. I'm reading in Threads of entrants being turned away for what in our day, would be classed as a minor ailment.
If they detect a murmur, they defer you straight away - no chance to show them what you can do! You then get sent for an ECG and ultrasound, a report of which gets sent to the military doc for approval.

The leaflet I received said that most cases including leaking valves are acceptable - just depends on each individual case!

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