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Medical examination

Good evening all.

I'm in the process of joining the TA.

Can anyone out there please tell me about the medical examination and what it entails.

I don't have any medical problems but would like to know what is involved in the examination.

Any info appreciated.
Nah, it would be too easy!

It's just a general physical, two arms two legs etc, no history of .... things like asthma, eyesight, blood pressure.

Nothing drastic.
The doc asked me if I could carry a rifle and was my liver strong enough to cope with the drinking.

I lied on both counts, and he passed me. :twisted:


War Hero
It's ok as long as you're not allergic to latex. :lol:
I did my test a few days ago, so maybe i can help. All they did with me ... tick boxes to say you have or have not had serious illnesses, did an eyechart test *im short sighted and i could read the bottem line* they did a hearing test with me, blood test checked my knees and that was mine done.
enlistment medicals are straight forward.cmt/rma does the run up's,height,weight,bloodpressure,piss test,eye test-colour blindness test,lung capacity test.hearing test,then the m.o does his /her thing.checks all your limbs-two of each is the normal!,checks your heart,wee grope of the snake,eyes ,ears,what illnesses you have had,etc,etc.nothing serious to worry about.

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