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hey all 1st poste lol, applied for british army at age of 15.9 years old, then backed out cause of family problems but im thinking of the TA so i have time at home, just wondering what the BRITISH TA medical examination contents are- i.e checking the balls, spine, limb, chest checks etc also is the urine test for checking ur liver? hope to get a reply soon, thanks,

Mine involved Weight, Height, eye chart, Hearing test, Piss sample, Blowing into some pipe to gauge your lungs, interview with doctor to include reflexes and him looking into my ear with a light. No ball


i did my medical for the reg army and they dint have a urine test lol
what is the urine test for??
cheerz for the replies


that it. lol i dont beleive this, thats ur medical for it lol, thats pointless. whats your times for running got to be, i was running mile and half in 9:50.


trust me millzi u will NOT run 9.50 at selection, i went to selection at pirbright a week ago.
you have a PT session the first day which absoloutly knackered me out, depends how the PTI is feeling whether or not he beasts you, then u have heaves, jerry can walk, press ups (basically everytime the corpral finishes a sentence u do press ups) u wake up in the morning and you feel fu**ed then you do more press ups if inspection isnt satisfactory, then before the run, u run .75 of the 1.5mile for a "warm up" then u have 10 secs before ur timed me by then u will be fu**ed, i was running 9.47 in preperation and only managed 11.13 on the day, so start running longer distances rather than timing yourself for 1.5miles only OR run the 1.5 for warm up then time the 1.5 mile run back.

the medicals a piece of piss, have ya balls checked nothing unbearable, piss test for drugs i believe, eye, hearing, colourblind test, weight and caliper test, 10 press ups infront of the doc, few joint movements and thats it.

good luck, for anyone going to selection, prepare well, be confident, and listen to instructions carefully cos they'll only tell u once.
Am doing mine shortly. Do they have access to med recs? Am joining as a rock ape


For the medical (for us anyway - 3 PWRR) we had no physical assessment at the medical weekend.

We tipped up at Malta Barracks, Aldershot on Friday and milled around until Saturday.

Saturday we had brekkie then went to Farnham TA centre where we had a chat with a Captain, did the entry test (multiple choice) and got sized up for our uniform (despite already doing this at our own TAC).
We then moved to some medical unit somewhere an had the following tests:

i) weight and height measured
ii) urine test - they check for sugar, protein and drugs
iii) lung capacity - blow into tube
iv) blood pressure
v) sight test
vi) hearing test
vii) blood test - to check blood group
viii) doc checks for two of the vitals - eyes, ears, arms and legs. Has a prod here and there checks reflexs, looks in eyes etc. Then he had a prod above my knob and balls (but only 2 of us had this???)

That's it, simple :)


this is wierd, well im living in nottingham, so not sure what reg, think theirs a few round here, but in the topic ive seen 3 different medicals for the BRITISH TA lol which 1 is what?


I've been told for my medical that my eyes won't be tested, only possibly for colour-blindness.
My AFCO said that they now leave the eye tests to the opticians and the medical stuff to the medical people.

It could have been the system has changed recently, has anyone been to a medical recently and had their eyes checked?



millzi07 said:
can u get into tanks i.e challenger 2 int he TA?

If you're worried about the medicals - don't join.

If you're not worried about the medicals, shut the f uck up.
Actually you can, although there is only one TA unit that uses them i think. Dont know which one though.
The urine test is NOT to test for drugs, it's to test for Protein, sugar levels etc. Has nothing whatsoever to do with drugs.


STAB2ARABConverter said:
Actually you can, although there is only one TA unit that uses them i think. Dont know which one though.
Actually you can't. Period.

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