Medical Entry Requirements

Doomsayer suggested that I asked down here if I would be Elagable to join up with my Visual problems whech are: Sight in one eye, poor night vision and photophie.

All of which we have managed to combat at my ACF detachment.

Oneeyesightedness: Well when it comes to shooting I line up the sights with my functioning eye then keeping the weapon steady I move my head out the way and squeeze the triger.
Poor night sight: Well I do the best I can then if I do come across a prob I simply work with my section oppos and find away around any of the probs.
Photophobia: I have managed to get around by wearing a crap hat or my beret with sun glasses either of which may not look smart but they are both reliable. When I have worn the mighty helmet I get enough the protection from the over hang on the rim.

I know this is just the basic things but these are the only real prblems so going on this, is there any advice that you can give me except just get down to my local recrutment office?
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