Medical Eligibility Questionnaire won't go through?

Basically I applied for the TA at the end of April and I sent my application online, which seemed to be successful. They then sent me a "medical eligibility questionnaire" a few days later which I completed that night and I went to send it and it came up with this message attached below? I rang the contact centre number which they wrote at the bottom of the message, twice in fact and they said it had something to do with my "internet explorer"?? :S even though I have the latest one, also I did complete the form on my laptop as it says not to complete it on a phone or tablet.

They said there going to resend but it could take up too 4 weeks for me to receive it, I'm just wondering what if the same just happens again?? Has this happen to anyone before?? anyone recommended anything that I could do to my computer or internet for when it arrives again :)



Ummm you may well have a problem, but when I sent off my 'leccy med it said that too but they still got it. Mine f'ed everything up though because I had done the paper meds.

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