Medical & Ear Surgery

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by KevinM82, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi just back from my application submission at my local ACO.

    I'm 27yo BMI is 22, i went to the gym today and have my induction this sunday, I do smoke 20 per day but this is being tackled and being accepted by the army will give me the will power to quit.
    Dont drink.


    Application in some what when good and now have to wait until a local unit gets in touch.

    Heres my problem, about 7 months ago i had an operation to fix my perforated ear drum cause by infection. (Myringoplasty)

    I told this to the recruiting officer and said usually you have to wait 1 year after any surgery before applying. if so am i out of luck?

    I have a slight loss in my hearing on my right side about 10% from my last hearing test before was 25% loss so surgery has improved it alot.

    I am scheduled to go back to the hospital in March for a final check on my operation but the last check was fine and its completely healed.

    i've never had a problem with hearing since.
    I'm paranoid i will get rejected and would be gutted.

    whats your views?

  2. Is this Regular or TA application??

    It is normally 12 months from having the Operation But if you get the all clear from the doc you should be ok
  3. what?

    is it too technical for you?
  4. Sorry TA

    The last check by ENT was about 3 months ago and all i can remember is he said "its healing well, come back in 6 months for a final check", I think i will see my Local GP and get his view on it, just what to give my self piece of mind.
  5. Ear problem - what? ha ha. Forces humour? If you ever get in
  6. Your hearing operation is unlikely to be a problem. However the sense of humour bypass procedure might be.
  7. oh err... is missed the point of that joke as i expected i a serious answer from you horrible lot. :D

    cheers for the info though
  8. Can't hear, can't type? No sense of humour? What were you thinking of joining?
  9. I take it your the clown of the forum?

  10. forum subject to watch for 2010? "medical & ear surgery" wins, not long now fellas, watch this space, its guna get interesting
  11. one of many... as you no doubt will find out ;)
  12. say again, all after 'oh'.
  13. its about quarter to...