Medical Downgrading or abit over the top????

I had a medical review by my MO at my TA unit last night for pre herrick 15 screening. Due to my horror she told me that I was going to be downgraded for having moderate to severe acne on my back. She also told me that Chilwell will fail me on my medical for this.

I've been in the TA for four years now and I have never been downgraded or even complained about the acne. My entry medical highlighted I had acne when I joined the TA and I went for a medical last year, the Regular Army SMO at the med centre near me also just recommended that I should just get it checked out by my civvie GP but never downgraded me. Any thoughts on this please.
there probably been cautious if you went to Afghanistan hot weather and all that, might give you some problems that they will not be able to treat effectively.
My civvie GP told me just to get some sun on it and it should clear up. I have never had a problem with it even during the hot summer periods during training.
My wife was a nurse in Telic during the summer months. They had to medevac 4 personnel for boils/abcessess on their lower back that all came from pre-existing acne. They're probably making a conservative medical decision that may save the air-bridge some time/space later down the line. Tough break for you, but understandable on a "system" basis.

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