Medical documents from abroad

I am a British Citizen that has been living in Austria for the last five years. I am planning on moving back to England and applying for the army around February and so I need to think ahead when it comes to my medical docs. I will of course sign up for a GP in England but the army will surely want some docs from over here seeing as I have been here for so long. Would I need a translated letter from a Doctor stating that they have no concerns with me joining the army?

Thanks in advance.
You really don't have to sign up for the GP. Just let them know that your situation. Once you finish the BARB test, they'll give you a medical questionnaire which have be completed in one of those public medical centres (Like I did mine as I didn't have any GP or other medical history). All you have to do is walk into the career office get the RG8 form fill it up and carry on with the process. All medical check ups will be done at the ADSC. Just be honest while filling out the medical questionnaire or else you'll end up in trouble.

All the best mate

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