medical disharge appeal help!!!! please ....

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by cplsm82, May 12, 2013.

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  1. hi all needing help on a matter and i am now stuck in a rut with nowhere to go ..

    i was medically discharged with my knees july last year and was awarded a 20% pension. i then appealled this as i felt it was no where near what i deserved as i cannot work anymore because of this and a few other problems also.. my appealed failed and i dont understand why and they never gave me a reason either. what are the next steps to this can i now appeal the decision again as im not happy one bit.. been trying to get a solicitor who can help me with this and because i am in central scotland there are none in this area all who deal with this type of thing are in england. rbl have helped me but i feel i need more help from other sources .

    is there any way i can acces this money in any other way or a way around it so i can restart my life with a reasonable some of money etc like change my award into one lump sum or something.
    i am now homeless and live on my mates sofas and feel like there is no way back from this

    the army have left me with absolutely nothing except a measly £35 a week to get by on.
    and i used m lump sum to pay off debts so now im stuck with nothing . cant get a job , dont have any money and a few personal problems also..

    any help on these subjects is greatly appreciated thank you
  2. I've provided two links.

    Helping today's Forces | Erskine

    Edinburgh Personnel Recovery Centre - The Royal British Legion.

    Get yourself booked in at Erskine Edinburgh. There's limited space there, so if you can't get in there then get yourself into one of the other PRCs - Catterick, Colchester, Tidworth. There's also the RNs PRC that's open to all three services and Brydon house in Germany.

    Even though you are not still serving they should support you somewhere.

    Start taking responsibility for yourself, it's not the Army's fault you are in this situation, it's yours.
  3. Well done Dingerr, Cplsm82 sort yourself out bud, keep away from booze and drugs, lets us know how you get on!
  4. Speak to the Royal British Legion (Scotland) HQ in Edinburgh, Neil Robinson is extremely experienced in War Pensions & AFCS matters: RBLS - National Headquarters Branch, New Haig House, Logie Green road, Edinburgh.

    Also here are some other links specifically for Scotland:

    Welcome to Veterans Scotland

    Veterans Assist Scotland

    Pension Appeal Tribunal Homepage

    As for their being no solicitors try the link below. If you are taking legal action against the MoD in Scotland then you need a legal team that is experienced in Scottish Law and you will not find many with the requisite experience and qualifications (if any at all) in England!

    Thorntons Law worked my compensation case against the MoD very well indeed:

    Contact Us