Medical discharged in 2011 - grounds for compensation?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by littletimmy, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. I was medically discharged in 2011 on grounds i had an incurable condition with my gullet. I was diagnosed with this by Cambridge NHS hospital and then under the advice of a military-paid BUPA specialist medically discharged. I have since underwent the exact same testing on two occasions by two other NHS hospitals who said there was no sign of any conditions. Wanting to rejoin, i reapplied. In January I was told by the careers office i had been unsuccessful with no explanation and told there is no way to find out why?

    Can any of you guys legally clued up indicate if i may have grounds for compensation from the army? And if so recommend who to contact. I could really do with the funds to retrain. All i got when i left was he standard £512 resettlement which i never used as it doesn't go very far!. I quite bitter at the fact i left university, as well as passed up apprenticeship offers to join. Choices i made, i know.

    thanks in advanced

    for any input
  2. Sorry but I see no grounds whatsoever to claim compensation. You appear to have had an illness that was contracted not as a result of service, treated by the best available medical personnel, been referred to a specialist by the MoD and medically discharged. They appear to have followed all regulations and guidelines.

    You don't say under which regulation you were discharged but I suspect the medical board found you unfit for any type of service now or in the future (in case the illness re-occurred) which is probably why your application to rejoin was refused.

    Should you wish to find out why your application was unsuccessful write to APC Glasgow (get the dept & address from the Careers Office) they are I believe obliged to let you know the reasons. It isn't going to help you get recruited or claim compensation so personally I'd advise you to accept it and move on however difficult that may be for you.
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  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Just what everyone on here loves - Compo hunters looking for every last penny from the taxpayer.
  4. If you dont mind me asking what is the health problem ?

    With regards making a claim not sure on what gounds you can claim when its "Spontaneous remission, also called spontaneous healing or spontaneous regression, is an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that appears to be progressing in its severity"
  5. The condition i was diagnosed with is esophagus esophagitis. An allergy disease. CD as i said in my original post i would of preferred my job back and only seeking this advice on compensation, after being refused. And because money doesn't grow on trees and job opportunities arn't as fruitful as yesteryear, so yes, money would come in handy to finance retraining. The point i am trying to make is on a misdiagnosis, as TWO later tests and the dr's who done them, could find no signs. thus being discharged unfairly. And i was a p7, unfit for any service. But again, the latter two tests say this was a result of misinformation. So the general feeling is i have no grounds, thanks for those who had constructive replies.
  6. Why have you undergone the above 2 lots of testing?
  7. Because claims direct, the company advertised on Jeremy Kyle, told him to. After all, why put circumstances down to experience when you can blame someone else and keep you in white lightning...

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  8. P7 is not unfit for military service, P8 however is the grading for people unfit for any form of military service*.

    * for the purposes of this post the RAF are included as military service. this will not happen under any other circumstances.
  9. Seems to me you have something with a high risk of recurrence. Just because it's cleared up for now doesn't mean it won't recur in the future. If it did, especially during ops, you will jsut cause unnecessary hassle to the guys in your platoon/troop/battery or whatever.

    Get a complete copy of your F MEd 8 , read, inwardly digest and maybe ease off. However if you truly believe you won't get any recurrence and you can prove it at a medical tribunal then go for it. Don't hold your breath.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This whole thing is looking decidely 'wind up'.

    Little Timmy has changed tack and tone remarkably, and I'm not convinced 'lion & Laurel' (seemingly a sock puppet) hasn't been introduced to fan the flames.

  11. given that he couldnt get the name of his supposed condition correct thats not really a surprise, he either has a food alergy which causes esophagitis or he has a genetic condition called eosinphilic esophagitis which causes is a type of white blood cell build up in the esophogile tract as a reaction to foods, alergens or acid reflux, but in either case its a disease that doesnt "magically" disapear however with treatment it can be managed in order to prolong life, treatment intervals would of course be determined by regular checkups, oh and the only way of testing for it in someone who's not enflamed on visual inspection is a genetic test to confirm the presence of "EE transcriptors"

    perhpas the OP would like to create a new wind up wiht some disease thats not completly imaginary and come back to dream of a compo claim
  12. Since you put some constuctive words down ill reply that way. If the other lads want a shit slinging match I can do that too, it passes the day in work. Im not sure how I got the diseases name wrong, ive got it written down on my med papers. And yes I agree it imaginary, as in I dont believe I have it, it doesnt disappear so therefore I was discharged for no reason, and I should still have employment from the mod. Thats my entire point. I dont I should never have been discharged. The tests they done were a visual with the camera and a sample of tissue from the supposed area. Both were done on two seperate occassions by seperate doctors in seperate hospitals. And somebody asked why I had the tests done again. Because I felt I had **** all wrong with me and wanted my job back!