Medical Discharge??

Hi all, i'm new on here so please be nice :D

I'm wondering if anyone can give us any advice.

My husbands fitness was great until around 2005 when he started having problems with is legs, he was later told by a PTI and doctor he had shin splints. He was advised to lose some weight and with the help of the PTI's at our then unit they would help him back to fitness. He was also given an ultimatium of get your fitness back into cheque and yourself sorted within 12 weeks or we will look at booting you out. I thought this was absolutely disgusting!
My husband lost weight.....but no PTI help with his fitness, he just continued to do normal phys with the chefs on a lunch. After a while his then boss in the kitchen decide it would be a good idea to get the chefs all out runnin on the airfield, basically a full lap each lunchtime. My husband did this as he was given no choice, ended up in agony again. Has been ever since!
We have now been at another unit just over 2 years and they still have no idea what to do. He has been on roughly 4 lower limbs courses, the last just about 2 weeks ago. RIU have discharged him from there as they have said there is nothing more they can do with him. He had a full body scan and was told that he didn't have Compartment Syndrome (previous ppl at RIU have all thought it was) and then his surgeon he has seen recently told him that his MRI scan cannot fully rule out Compartment Syndrome.
Now his consultant has said that if it is Compartment Symdrome he would operate but that some operations are not successful. We don't want to be in a position where he has the operatio, it isnt sucessful and then ends up medically discharged and unable to get a job because he hasnt recovered properly.

Can he push for a medical discharge and just be done with it??
I'm going to keep this breif. There are big folders about medical discharge available in the clerks office that a senior rank can get their hands on. I fought to keep my job for 3 years before they discharged me. Knowing that the inevitable was likely to happen in the near future i sat down with my captain for two days and studied the said folders with him. We soon realised that in my circumstances i was better off being discharged then i ever would be staying in and so i stopped fighting it. Please remember that everyones circumstances are different i.e your injuries - length of service etc etc..... so get the folders and do what i did to draw up your own conclusions. Good luck.

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