Medical Discharge

On Tuesday, the psmb in Aldershot decided to medically discharge me. After the decision was made I signed a few forms and was given a FMED24 and asked if I could return it when I have completed it.

That’s as far as it went really and I haven’t got a clue what is happening. I know I should have asked more questions while I was there but I think that I was a little shocked by the decision and just went with the flow.

Can anyone advise on what to expect next and what I should be doing to make this run smoothly?

Thanks in advance!
If you're having second thoughts about the way you had to sign the forms get an inverview and make a grievance through your OC. If you're not happy with the decision to MD you, then put in an appeal as soon as.

My appeal slowed down my discharge by about 9 months which gave me a chance to preapre a bit for the perils of civvie street. Find out what resettlement you're entitled to in these circumstances and make sure you get it.
I think that deep down I was expecting the MD but due to ongoing tests and treatment, I thought that I may have a few more months left in me.

The forms weren't really a concern as they were authorising agency's to gain access to my docs.

The problem for me is that because I was thrown off track by the news I didn't really ask enough questions about what happens now.

I'm not sure how long I will have, to sort my resettlement out and when I will officially be a civvie.

As things stand now, I have handed in the form informing my unit the I am now P8. I am filling in an application for DLA and have talked to the CAB.

That's it really. I'm in work tomorrow and hopefully there will be someone there that can advise me. (Optag is slowing it down)
Hi mate.

The following is essential to help you, take my if as you wish, but I too had a last min md, and suffered then learn't the system.

Don't complete any DLA application alone, seek some local civy social services or get the new GP to point you right, this is a one hit document, get it wrong and your screwed.

Get your OC to spk to the PSMB and get a defferment on your resettlement organised, this is easy to do. Once in place, you have 2 years after discharge to complete resettlment. Spk RCMO or CTP.

The FMED24 is mega, mega important. Ensure you add to it with a comprehensive letter of all your injuries since day 1 to present, including the distress of a quickie MD. Don't forget to mention how your career prospects were removed due to injury etc. This is important long term, there is a claim called lower standard of occupation allowance. In essence, should you be a Troop Sgt now on £XXX per montyh, you may find next summer your stacking tesco shelves on £X per month, this allowance bridges the gap! It is also in addition to any % disablity etc. MUST go on the 24, i.e tell the 24 you wanted to be the next GOC etc! that was your aspirations.

Get a copy of your docs, medical, dental and P file. You can request this via your COC. Don't go through the gate without these, once out it is harder.

Engage as soon as you can with the SVPA local Welfare Officer, they are a mind of help and information, but, BIG BUT, box clever, they are also employed to mop your brow whilst minimising the pension etc they pay. Owt you say will be used against you.

YOU, don't think being switched on and 100% dedicated, stiff upper lip is going to help you out there, look and act as though your world has fallen apart. You may well find you are sent for independent medicals for all sorts of things, read about the medicals and ensure you you are briefed before attending and ALWAYS take a witness with you. Any sign you can cook, wash, dress take meds means the first part of your DLA is quashed, look like you could do a BFT in 9 mins and that's the second part you read me?

There are lots of good agencies out here, they can sort all sorts of problems out for you. Just look at some of the dross claming all sorts of benefits for drug induced, alcoholic and generally F***ed up lifestyles, you will be alright if you play the game.

I found being honest, telling your GP what you feel and speaking up does the trick. Surprisingly, there is sympathy out here for ex service pers, just be polite but firm and go through their motions, however long and frustrating. They (civvies) just go to work, they are in no rush so be patient.

For anyone going through a MD, take note of the above. PM me pers details if you like and I will try to help. I help 20+ ex services in my area, I am fast becoming a listening ear and admin offr for them, perhaps you may have someone in your area to pick you up and help.

Good luck all.

PS bear with the spelling and grammar, I am disabled.
That sounds like the best advice ive seen given yet. I myself had a whirlwind MD and didn't ask the questions i should as it caught me off guard. Im still fighting to get a war pension and help needed after injuries in afghan.

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