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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tathar, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Help & Advice requested

    My stepson joined the Army [ REME ] in August 2006 ,he completed his basic training and then went on to do his trade training ,he is now about two weeks away from completition and was going to be posted to BAOR.He has now been told that he is being medically discharged from the Army because he has a groin muscle injury that is taking too long to mend, and because he is still in training the military will not pay for him to see a consultant. As far as I am aware the only Doctor he has seen is the MO at the medical centre and he suggested a medical discharge. My stepson has done well in all his military exams and passes his BFT regulary. I have been out of the Army for 10 years and am not sure about regulations about medical discharges. I have written to the CO and asked for clarification of the situation but if any body can offer any advice or information it will be gratefully recieved.
  2. If he is still in training then isn't he in an ATRA establishment?

    ATRA in the early naughties had a private contract? I got sent BUPA as an instructor at one so why isn't he as a trainee?
  3. It seems very strange that theyve fully trained a tradesman at (20k plus alledgedly) then are going to get rid of him two weeks before he is fully qualified. Only can advise to do what your already doing and also insist in going in with him on his med board to get full answers. You may find thats there are other factors though.
  4. Tathar if your stepson has been passing BFT's & has been in the firm since 2006 then he is one our assets and if two weeks away from a posting to BAOR then must be looked after. We have the moral duty to fix him. The bottom line is you should not leave this mans Army with a lower level of fitness than when you joined.

    Send me a wee PM
  5. Thanks for your help and advice,I also thought that there maybe other factors which I was not aware of but having spoken to my stepson on the phone he assures me he has done nothing wrong. As for having a medical board he tells me the the only medical person he has seen has been the MO who "suggested" medical discharge on a written assessment ,from there he saw his Troop 2 I/C who told him he was being discharged from the army on Monday,his troop Sgt /cpl were totally gobsmacked by this decision but for obvious reasons cannot get involved. What I really need is the Army rules and regulations for soldiers in training and medical discharge procedure. Any ideas?
  6. I would suggest you go onto the Medical forumns and ask the question as I believe that they still go in for a final medical on discharge. If this is happening on Monday I would turn up and ask to go in with your step son and get answers before he discharges especially about follow on care (he has been broken since joining) and medical pension. I still have a gut feeling that there maybe other things ie. has your son said he doesnt mind leaving. You ned to sort it before he gets discharged as you wont have a hope in hell once he leaves.
  7. Thanks for that,just spoken to the boy he says he wants to stay and at no time has said he was happy to go. On monday he is going to sort out ressetlment issues but is being paid up until April so I assume he will not be discharged until then.I have told him to sign nothing and say nothing until I have had a reply from his CO.
  8. Check your pm.
  9. Tell him to go and see the IERO
    I am pretty sure that he can ONLY be Med discharged by a Med Board but the IERO will know the score
    The unit my be trying for a admin discharge.
    Your stepson needs top cover here. If he is chucked out he should contact the Sun and his MP
  10. Tathar
    I'm very surprised that a soldier still under training (ARTD) is being written off so easily, ARTD have access to private specialist care and Consultants. They do not toss away soldiers on whom they have spent many thousands of pounds on training. If it is purely a medical problem, the following applies.
    Firstly a UMO or a One Member Medical Board (OMMB) as the UMO may be classed in this case can only give a temporary grading. Secondly, if he is to be considered for a medical discharge he must attended a medical board. A UMO cannot medically discharge someone. The UMO must submit a report to a medical board for their consideration and if it is for a recommendation for a P8 medical discharge it must be carried out by a Full Medical Board (FMB). If he is now not up to the medical standards required for his roll or trade he must be assessed by a board and the Occupational Health (OH) Consultant will decide whether that is the case or not. If the board grades him other than P8 he will be offered alternate employment suitable to his new grading, this could even be in another Corps or in another trade. If he does not accept the alternate employment they have no other option but to discharge him. Even then the recommendation of the board must be ratified by the SO1 OH APC Glasgow. Hope this helps.
  11. Panzer
    Thanks for that,do you know if ARTD rules and regulations differ from QRs & AGAIs for a soldier under training.At this stage 204 procedure has been started but they have not gone through the procedure laid down in QRs /AGAIs.
  12. One thing that has got me thinking, if this turns out to be a a unfair/cock up dismissal, which it looks like it is. Then how many more lads/lasses have had this done to them & why :?
  13. How right you are VTT ,went to see our MP this morning ,nice bloke, he sits on the defence select committe [ whatever the f*** they do] he couldnt make head nor tail of it but is going to wtite a snotogram to the CO.
  14. Tathar

    Spoke to a friend this morning and unfortunately he informed me that under ARTD regulations all trainees (Ph 1 & Ph2) may be discharged under 204 action right up to the date they leave to join the field army i.e. a regular unit. The medically discharged soldier may apply to re-join after 1 year providing the injury no longer exists. Sorry, not good news I'm afraid.
  15. hi. sorry to hear of ur sons forthcoming discharge. My son is also phas 2 and has also been told he is being medically discharged, even though he has been told by leading orthopedic surgeon he will not operate as he doesnt think it is needed. My sons injury happened 5 months ago and has seen the physio twice, but has mainly been left to his own devices. He obviously doesnt want to b discharged and his CO has written saying the same fact and that it would b a shame to let him go. With the army crying out for soliders i am amazed they r doing this, and i feel its totally unfair and soul destroying for my son. As a mum its hard enough to let him join up in the first place but its been his dream , now i am finding it harder to see him being shafted in such a way that i cant do anything to help him. :(