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Having served 19 and a bit years,and recently had my back really let go on me I am worried the army will MD me.I have had problems backwise for a while, 19 years if all be said!! However whats happening now is more extreem than ever.
My current brigade is due to deploy on ops shortly, and the doc said a couple of weeks ago there is no chance on earth I am allowed to go............................ happy not to go to iraq for family, gutted for me , this is what I do for a job !!!
That was first reaction, then comes the bit when I have to walk into bosses office and tell him, and pulling no punches what I had to stand infront of the boss and say was .............I cant do my job!!.........feel like shite on the mat , oh yes I did.

My question is , in the tempo of todays army is there pasture to put an old Vm out to , or am I looking at an MD???Scares the shite out of me , as far as tours have been , its the been there done that scenario, not a dodger , just humphed with my back and the army aint willing to take risk on letting me loose again, BUT, whats the impact going to be??? :?
Please please dont tell me im going to get a good kicking after all these years!!
Sorry to hear your news mate, i have no idea. But as you've said you have never dodged a tour. Our Corps still needs people so i cant see them kicking you out. I would have thought it rear party for you. :D
I wouldn't worry all too much - it took nearly 2 years for my MD to come through which means your 22 should be safe (hope that helps a little bit)>


I am sure that if the Army discharge you on grounds of disability, then doesn't your pension become a disability pension and fall into a different tax category, to your advantage? I am sure that I heard that to be the case years ago. I knew a bloke who developed a serious condition that meant he couldn't do any contact sports, in case he died. He wanted to be discharged early but the Army wouldn't as it would be too expensive. They therefore discharged him on time with a normal pension.

Unless you are incapable of doing anything, it seems unlikely that they Army will push for your discharge when you are so close to your pension point.

I'm assuming you are 4 Bde? You can always appeal a medical condition, get treatment or put in a PPP for a UK posting and just serve on as best you can until discharge. Your boss can only make a recommendation. He is probably frustrated to have an experienced man who can't deploy. It is doctors who will decide to MD you.
A good option would be for you to trawl your recruiting E1 posts and find out if any are available, if so then I'm sure your regiment/battalion's RCMO will happily recomend you to your MCM Div for a posting to an AFCO/ACIO which is pretty much a civi/desk job, also it is a good 8 till 5, 5 day week(almost) for you to square away your resettlement, especially if you get into an area where you plan to settle.

oops sorry!!! all of the above is only applicable if you are at the minimum a recomended for promotion Cpl.
Advice taken and spent most of the day on the phone , just might have found a suitable post, only time will tell , thanx for reassurance and for advice.

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