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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ijjtaft, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I have been advised that I will be medically discharged (P8) and am waiting for the med board (the Doc has already asked and I have seen the letter saying I will be Med Discharged after a med board) nobody can tell me how much I'll get or what will happen could you please help? I will have completed 17years in the RLC on Sept 20th 2007. More complicated is that I am serving with NATO in Naples at the moment and haven't got a clue what is happening apart from that I need Rehab, for Psoriatic Arthrytis undiagnosed for 8 years even after repeatedly going to doc and having surgery, (assesment with Rheumatologist at Headley Court in 2 weeks time) and Resettlement (cant sort till after med board) Everything is confusing to me and nobody seems to be helping. :?
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    Suggest that you repost this in the "Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC" forum if you are after a medical opinion on time scale.
  3. I'd recommend you get in touch with the Royal British Legion asap. They have people specifically to help guys in exactly your circumstances, and can also advise you on what to expect for a Veteran's Pension since you're being medically discharged.
  4. Thanx Jolly_Jack I will do, the only problem is that I haven't had the med board yet so I can't give any real particulars to British Legion.
  5. True, but what's the worst that can happen? They may not be in a position to sign, stamp and seal anything, but they'll be happy to give you a clearer picture of your options than your RAO seem to be giving you.
  6. I was made P8 from the RN 2 years ago.

    Heres what happens in the RN,can't see the Army being any different...

    Was P7RD then reccomended to Med board.I had an option of electing for discharge or not.At first I wanted to stay in...anyway...

    Doctor assessed me and gave their reccomendation as to the outcome of the board.I was privy to all of this and was required to read and sign to say I had read all my Med docs.

    Next process was the re-settlement program,what did I want to do and how much was I entitled to etc.I was allowed the full 6 weeks due to my time served etc (13 years).You then are given a rough idea of what your gratuity will be which is based upon time served and rank on being invalided.There is a hell of a lot of complicated paper work to explain how much you will recieve in addition to your gratuity which takes into account whatever percentage of disability you were assessed at upon leaving.

    At the med board they decide the outcome and then it goes to an employment board which you do not attend.That board is to decide whether you could still be employed in an area with your current disability.You will know whether you are to be discharged at the med board though as the employment board appears to be just a formality.

    You then start your terminal leave during which you can take whatever re-settlement you elected for.

    The med board automatically forwards on your details to the veteran's agency who assess whether the forces were CULPABLE for your current medical status.This decides whether you are elegible for a war pension/disability pension.They will also award said pension tax free if the forces were culpable and,depending upon your assesed level of disability will either award you an additional ONE OFF GRATUITY or increase your pension accordingly.

    Upon discharge,if you have done all your admin,leaving routines,handed in the ID etc on time then you should recieve your gratuity on or around the day you leave.You continue to be paid for one month also.Your pension is then payable from paymaster every month and then starts the many months long endless phoncalls to AFPAA Glasgow who then pass you back to teh VA at Blackpool etc etc in order to not have to pay tax on your pension (if awarded tax free)

    As an idea of what to expect-here's what I was awarded..

    I was a Leading hand upon leaving with 13 years service.Only 11.5 was countable for my pension/gratuity etc due to the junior time (I joined at 16)

    I was awarded a 6-14% disability and awarded a war pension tax exempt.

    My gratuity was £15600 with a further one off payment of £4500 from the VA.My pension is index linked and at present recieve £480 monthly.The med prob I was discharged for has now disappeared and I have worked and studied ever since I left.( passed CAA class one medical 6 months after leaving also!)


    Any more questions feel free to PM/ask.
  7. Supermatelot,

    A brilliant summary well done.

    To add, the army is not much different, upto the latter stages, i haven't gone to the VA etc yet (They have changed their name recently also, combining two departments I think).

    To add to the above, make sure you get a full copy of your medical docs, access by means of writing a letter (include dental also). Get also a copy of your P File and any correspondence pertainibg to you (i.e RCMO MCM etc)

    There is nothing anyone can tell you about how much cash you recieve, you can get a provisional printoiut by calling AAFPA, but they will only do this once they are notified of your discharge and leaving date from records. They also write to you, not on the phone, the ammounts based upon information you give them, it also takes a whopping 10 days for the letter.

    Use your SAM Team and where necessary SSAFA and AWS to sort a potential myriad of problems associated with MD. You can become bogged down.

    Very important, ensure the personal statement is full, accurate and use the information from your medical documents. Complete once in reciepte of the said med docs (incl dental if necessary). Also, the form does not leave alot of space, so write a ciovering letter (really detailed) and you MUST write on the form 'See Letter Dated XX Enclosed for Additional Informatio" opr similar words. This info is what the VA Dr makes their assessment on, so really inprotant to get it right and detailed. Don't forget, that Ver Eng comes in, therfore you could potentially have a career upto 55, alot of lost cash, job etc.

    Remember to keep a diary of all the calls you made, to who, when etc.

    I hope yours goes smoother than mine. PM me for anything specific.
  8. PS....Forgot to answer another of your questions,

    Regarding resettlement, you could be lucky and have it deferred for up to 2 years after discharge, you MUST get your UNit and Dr's support, the Med Board should also assist. Speak to the SO2 Oc Health at the med board centre for help. This is designed to help you, you still get 49 days resettlment leave even though you are deffering it, that's the system.

    Good luck.
  9. The New rates for War Disablement Pension have just come out:

    Weekly rate.
    1. 100% £139.70.
    2. 90% £125.73.
    3. 80% £111.76.
    4. 70% £97.79.
    5. 60% £83.82.
    6. 50% £69.85.
    7. 40% £55.88.
    8. 30% £41.91.
    9. 20% £27.94.

    assessment (less than 20%)

    Temporary-less than a year
    1-5% £367.
    6-14% £824.
    15-19% £1443.

    Temporary-more then a year
    1-5% £741.
    6-14% £1643.
    15-19% £2877.

    1-5% £2221.
    6-14% £4937.
    15-19% £8637.

  10. Yes, I also cannot emphasise enough the importance of your personal statement.It is paramount that you can justify and backup whatever you say on there.I know one lad who was being med discharged and he "over-egged" the pudding-made wild claims with a view to going for gold.He came unstuck.

    You will be re-assessed by an independant doctor roughly 4 months after your discharge also.This doctor is from the VA and acts for their assessment.The VA work of different criteria when assessing you.The MOD work towards the MOD NOT being culpable whereas the VA work towards the view that they are.

    Also, I had major snags understanding things like council tax/tax etc when I left.(joined straight from school so no experience).There are a hell of a lot of organisations out there to help you.I myself was helped by the BL for one problem.

    Once the final decision has been made by the VA about your status-if you do not agree you have 6 months to appeal also.


    Good luck.
  11. Thanks for all your replies they were very helpful, also I am getting alot of help from my unit, it's a difficult stage for all as there is so little information available to all parties at this stage. My Med board date is set for June so hopefully after that we can all move on to the next stage. :)
  12. Your payment will all be based on the level of dissability/invaliding that the assesors at Pensions Wing (a qualified doctor and his team), Glasgow decide that you are set at. Below 20% and you will not recieve a Pension, just an attrituable lump sum, over 20% and you will recieve the attrituable lump sum and an invaliding pension.
  13. Remember if you only get 20% War Pension this makes your Med/discharge pension Tax free.
  14. You might be well advised to join your regiment/corps old comrades association and hopefully there will be a branch where you settle on discharge who will, I'm sure , do all they can to help you settle back into civvy street. IO get a 20% pension that I didn't claim until 30 years after discharge. I have suffered from arthritis for several years now but had knee trouble when I was serving , I was advised by a mate to apply to the Veterans Agency and got my 20% within 3 months. If yuo think any problems yuo now have are service related have ago, it costs you nothing t6o try and £27 a week is not to be sneezed at.
  15. I thought if you got an invaliding pension you didn't get the attritable lump sum?
    I am still waiting to be told what I'm getting apparantly it is with the payout department at the moment. They couldn't tell me over the phone and as I live in Canada it will probably go in the bank before I get my letter...

    Thanks for your comments and advice